Creative Ideas To Refresh Your Bathroom Vanity

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By Ikram Ullah

Do you have a bathroom vanity or vanity table in your home? If you do, you have probably spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a vanity that has been there for years and years. You may not even realize it, but this is a big commitment that you are making when you buy a bathroom vanity. You are giving up some of your space so that you can have a place to store your beauty products and finally have a space that is just as beautiful as your bathroom.

And, as you know, beauty is in the details. You need a vanity that is not only beautiful but also functional. These are the 8 bathroom vanity ideas that will refresh your bathroom beautifully and make it the perfect place to take care of yourself.

Add a Dark Wash

Bathroom vanities are already almost always a light-colored wood, but if yours is feeling a little too bright and fresh, a dark wash could help complete the look. Darker hues like rich browns and black will make your room look more formal while lighter shades like pale greens and neutral whites will make it look more relaxed.

Refresh the Wall Art

If your bathroom’s walls are feeling a little too bright and sterile, it might be time to consider a little more texture. You can accomplish this by adding art to your walls. You can go with framed pieces that fit your style, or you can go the DIY route and create your own artwork using poster board. Either way, the more texture you add to the walls, the more interesting the room will look.

Install a Shower-head

Refreshing your bathroom vanity doesn’t have to solely be about changing the look on the inside. You can also change the look on the outside by installing a new shower head. A bold shower head can be the perfect way to refresh your bathroom.

Change the Faucet

If you are a fan of faucets, it may be time to switch things up. You can change up the look of your vanity by switching out your faucet. There are so many different styles of faucets that you can choose from. You can go for modern and sleek or you can go for vintage and classic. Whatever you decide on, your bathroom vanity will look fresh and new.

Add Some Color

Another easy way to refresh your bathroom vanity is by adding some color. If your vanity is feeling a little too bland and boring, you can add some color to your walls and change the look of your vanity with a few paint samples. This will instantly take your bathroom vanity from bland and boring to bold and interesting.

Install a Rain Shower

Is your bathroom vanity feeling a little too bright and clean? Adding a shower that rains down out of a faucet can be a great way to tone things down and add a more relaxing feel to your bathroom. It’s a simple tip that can be used in many different ways. You can change the color of the water, you can change the texture of the water, and you can change the intensity of the water. You can also change the direction the water sprays out of the faucet.

Add Arches for Texture

If your bathroom is feeling a little too sterile and clean, you can add texture and interest by installing columns in your shower. This is also one of the best ways to decorate a small bathroom. You can install a few columns and make your bathroom look much larger.

Add a Pedestal

Another idea for refreshing your vanity is by adding a pedestal in the middle of your vanity. A pedestal can add so much more than a sink can. They can offer storage space and allow you to display plants and vases, without taking up too much valuable real estate.

Make a vanity as your focal point

One of the best ways to refresh your bathroom vanity is to make it the focal point of your room. When you do this, you have a place where you can display all of your favorite items and also have an area for you to work. This is a beautiful way to spend time in the morning or evening.

Get rid of clutter

When you have too much clutter in your bathroom, everything becomes harder to see and understand. The mess can be distracting when you are trying to get ready and just want some peace and quiet. So, what do you do? Well, one great idea is to invest in a storage bench that has shelves that are perfect for storing all of those items that were taking up space on your sink. Not only will this allow you to enjoy more space in your bathroom but it will also give your bathroom a fresh look while still being practical.

Consider different colors

Another way that you can refresh your bathroom vanity is by choosing different colors for each piece so that they contrast with each other visually. This not only makes it easier for people looking into the room from outside but it also helps you feel refreshed when you walk into the room because it gives off a calming feeling. You should also consider changing out some of the pieces for new ones if they become worn out over time or even completely redecorate if needed!

Use mirrors to create a focal point

One way to make your vanity look more beautiful is to use a mirror. Mirrors are great for creating a focal point. One idea is to hang a large mirror on the wall opposite the sink and use it as a focal point. In addition, you can use mirrors in other ways such as adding one on either side of your sink or even in front of the vanity mirror.

Mirrors also provide light in your bathroom. This is especially true if you have short or no ceiling height and have to turn on lights when you take a bath or shower.

Add storage space

A must-have for any bathroom vanity is storage space. It might be a small area, but it is still important to have some amount of storage in there to help you get organized. There are many ways that you can make this storage area functional and beautiful. One way is by adding a shelf that has doors on the front or back that can be opened when you need quick access to something. Another way is by making the shelves adjustable so that they can fit different sized items. This will save you time in having to rearrange the shelves every day or week depending on what new products you buy.

Change The Flooring

Changing the flooring can also be a great way to refresh your bathroom vanity. You can change the flooring to a different material that complements your décor and makes your feet feel better when they rest on it.

You can also choose to install a new luxury vinyl plank or engineered hardwood in your bathroom. It will feel luxurious against your feet and make your bathroom feel even more luxurious.

Install A Vanity That Will Match Your Style

If you love the contemporary minimalist style, you can use it as inspiration for your bathroom vanity. You can use contemporary or modern style vanity or mirror sets to help define your style.

If you love the classic or traditional look, you can also consider installing a classic or traditional style vanity. You can also use classic or traditional vanity or mirror sets to help define your style.

Install A Tiled Walk-In Shower

Installing a tiled walk-In shower can help to refresh your bathroom vanity. Whether you choose to install a tiled walk-In shower, or a hand-held shower, installing a shower can help to refresh your bathroom vanity.

A tiled walk-In shower can help to make your shower more enjoyable by creating a more comfortable temperature and humidity level. A tiled walk-In shower can also help to eliminate condensation from your glass doors by creating a more comfortable temperature and humidity level.

Install A Hook Up Toilet

Installing a hook-up toilet can help to refresh your bathroom vanity. Whether you choose to install a toilet with a bowl you can empty and refill, or a toilet that uses a tank you have to fill and empty, installing a toilet can help to refresh your bathroom vanity. A great addition would also be an upflush grinder pump for your toilet. This can easily handle multiple waste fixtures in your home, especially for shared bathrooms.

A toilet that has a tank you have to fill and empty can help to remind you to drink water and eat healthy, while a toilet that you can hook-up to an external toilet can help to make your bathroom more sanitary.

Change The Faucet

Changing the faucet can help to refresh your bathroom vanity. There are so many options when it comes to faucets these days, and you can choose one that complements your décor, complements your style, and offers you with a clear and steady stream of water.

Some faucets can also be used to help create music or play videos. You can also use a faucet to help control the temperature of your water, ensuring that it is neither too hot nor too cold.

Add some storage

Finally, adding some storage to your bathroom vanity can help to refresh your bathroom vanity. Whether you choose to install additional storage or put an item on top of the vanity, adding storage can help to refresh your bathroom vanity.

If you love to keep bath bombs and bath salts in your bathroom, consider putting them in a drawer or on top of the vanity. You can also consider installing a magnetic strip on your wall to make it easy to hang jewelry and other items on.

These are just 10 great ideas to refresh your bathroom vanity. There are so many other ways you can help to make this space feel more modern, luxurious, and aesthetically-pleasing. If you want to make your bathroom even more luxurious, consider installing a vanity that will make your guests feel like royalty.

Create a spa feel with your own shower curtain

A new shower curtain can make all the difference to your bathroom vanity. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a brand-new one, just get a simple, inexpensive one like this one with a beautiful paisley design that will add both style and function to your bathroom.

Turn your vanity into a bookshelf

Does your bathroom have a small corner that you don’t know what to do with? Use your vanity to create storage space for books, magazines, and other odds and ends. You could even use this space as a jewelry or jewelry box. If you don’t want to use it for that, then you can use the space for accessories like your lip glosses or hair products.

As long as there is room on the vanity, you can turn it into anything you want!

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