5 casino marketing tips this fall

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By Ikram Ullah

A solid marketing strategy can make any online casino successful. By identifying where you want your casino to go this fall, an effective marketing strategy can get you there. Each season, take the time to reevaluate your marketing strategy and make any needed adjustments.

However, one thing you’ll need to remember is casino marketing is aimed at building long-term relationships with your players. You want happy players coming back to your casino again and again, and you want them to bring their friends.

Get started this fall with these five casino marketing tips.

Database Marketing

Your casino has a database packed with useful, customer information, so use it. A casino database can be used to determine the most valuable players, as well as for determining their likes, dislikes, and playing patterns. By understanding the patterns, the triggers that drive players can be uncovered.

With this information, offers and promotions can be crafted and sent to both individuals and certain classes of players. This can be automated using AI and machine learning technology and tools.


Today’s online casinos can also make use of AI technology to personalize each user’s visit. The technology can be used to send high-value players personalized perks to make them feel that they are valued. Customer service representatives should also be trained to treat every customer they come in contact with in a professional, yet personal manner.

Everyone wants the businesses they patronize to not only value our business but also to know who we are. Set up your website to greet each customer as they log in, and even offer them a little something, like a free spin. Every player should feel welcome and happy to log into their account.

Provide Chances to Win

Psychologists know that the human brain can’t really compute that the probabilities of actually winning are really high. People often fall into “near miss thinking” that if they were close to winning this time, next time, they could actually win. This is where free drawings and other events can come in.

By setting up an events calendar of free spins, drawings, and tournaments, you’ll create free chances to win. Seasonal events are always popular, so if you haven’t done so already, launch an event with a fall theme, followed up by a winter holiday season event.

This can attract thousands of players, all of whom will spend money, but only a few will actually win anything. This can also help to build up the next casino marketing tip, community.

Build Community

Looking forward to the calendar of events also works to build a sense of community. First off, offer your existing players a generous reward for inviting their friends. Groups of friends can spend a lot of time playing together online.

However, for some, gambling online can be an isolating and lonely activity, and for someone with a gambling problem, one fraught with guilt. Also, the friends and family of some online casino players don’t understand their passion for the games. By providing a community, you can relieve any guilt, and provide your players with online friends who share their interests.

Also, by providing resources and customer support to the problem gamblers on your site, you’ll build a good rapport within your community. Sure, problem gamblers can make a casino rich, but they can also damage your reputation. Simply providing links to helpful gambling addiction resources, and training the support team can go a long way. Better yet, contribute a portion of the rake to an organization like Gambler’s Anonymous.

Your casino can also get involved with worthy causes that appeal to your players and encourage them to get involved too. Something like helping needy children or animal welfare is not controversial, and something everyone can support.

Provide Value

Finally, your players want to feel like they are getting something of value for the money they spend. Despite “near-miss thinking”, gamblers know deep down that the odds of winning are not in their favor. But, they do want the time they spend at your online casino to be fun and fulfilling in some way. Value is not necessarily a dollar amount, but providing an adequate amount of entertainment for the money spent.

All of the tips prior to this one can be used to provide value, from personalization to community, chances to win, and special events. Giving players something to look forward to is one way to add value.

These marketing tips are not just for the fall season, but can be used year-round. They should be renewed every season, for continued growth and success. For more about online casinos, visit NJ Gambling Fun.

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