6 Different Ways to Clean Your Vaping Equipment

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By Ikram Ullah

Vaping has come into the limelight and might not be leaving anytime soon. It is well accepted by many as an excellent alternative to many nicotine delivery systems. This is not surprising as it presents a way to enjoy nicotine without worrying about the series of side effects and health issues common with other devices.

Because vaping is becoming increasingly popular, many people are getting into it and buying the (admittedly expensive) equipment needed for vaping. Indeed, investment in a vape device is worth it, as it comes with many benefits and is even cheaper in the long run.

Without a doubt, there will be some novices to the vaping game. These are people who may not have a good idea of handling the general upkeep of their vape devices. Of course, this can be detrimental to the functionality of the vaporizer, but not only that. It can also significantly affect how safe the vape kit is to use.

One major part of vape kit maintenance is cleaning. It prevents the vape kit from rapidly deteriorating, prevents the build-up of vaped substances that may be harmful to the health.  Cleaning the vape kit is essential. You can also choose the mi pod system which buying e-juice.

So, what are the different ways you can clean your vape equipment? Let’s dive in:

Propylene Glycol, or PG

PG, one of the constituents of premium quality e juice, can also be used as a cleaning agent is potent. It is one of the only methods that does not require the use of water.

To use PG to clean the vape kit, disassemble, place the parts in a small bowl filled with PG, remove after two hours, air-dry, and reassemble.

Voila! Easy peasy, except maybe for the chemical fumes you might inhale.

Use Water

Using water to clean the vape kit simply involves cleaning the tank. When cleaning using water, you could either of the following:

  • Simple rinse by filling a small bowl with water and rinsing the different parts of the disassembled vape kit in it. With this method, you might decide to add tiny drops of dish soap if you want. Then dry each piece off with a paper towel. Give it 10 minutes to air-dry. Finally, reassemble the kit.
  • Deep Wash: This method is recommended to be done at least once monthly or every two months.  It is usually done using vodka and helps eliminate grimy areas from the nooks and crannies of the vaping equipment. Also, you need to let it air-dry, then reassemble. 

 However, before cleaning your vape kit with water, you should know that some parts of the kit should never contact water, like the batteries and charging terminals, so take note

Baking Powder

Baking powder is also an excellent tool to clean your vape kit. It contains sodium bicarbonate and some acids – powerful substances that can act as good cleaning agents. 

To use baking powder to clean your vape kit, you will need an old toothbrush (Of course, one you plan never to clean your teeth with again).

Wet the toothbrush, dip it in baking powder, and use it to separately clean every part of the vape kit, which you must have disassembled. Rinse everything with warm water, let them dry for a bit, reassemble, and you’ll be good to go.

Like always, remember that there are some parts of the kits you should never use water on. So take note.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

The ultrasonic cleaner sounds high-tech and expensive, and it is. This device agitates a fluid (which could be water or a specific solvent for what you’re cleaning) with ultrasound and enhances the cleaning process.

It is mainly used in the service of rich, well-to-do people to clean their expensive jewelry or precious metals. If you want to treat your vape kit like a diamond and you don’t mind paying through the nose for it, then an ultrasonic cleaner is also an excellent way to clean your vape kit.

Add some water to the ultrasonic cleaner, place your disassembled vape kit in it, and watch as the ultrasonic cleaner does its job. It may be expensive, but it is the easiest and the most effective method of cleaning your vape kit and could be worth the considerable amount you paid to buy it.

Q-Tip and Vodka

Vodka can be an effective way of cleaning things. For your vape kit, it stands as a great choice as every other type of cleaning method. It is durable and practical, and pretty effective.

To use vodka to clean your vape equipment, use a Q-tip dipped in vodka to remove any built-up dirt in tiny places and leave it to dry.

Q-Tip and Vinegar

Ever thought about why vinegar tastes so harsh and strong? That’s because vinegar is fermented grapes and is very acidic. It may not taste great, but it is pretty badass at cleaning up things and removing stubborn stains.

Just use it on your vape kit the same way you use vodka, with a Q-Tip. Thoroughly clean, rinse with water, and let dry. When you are done, couple the parts again.


Here you have – six effective methods to clean and maintain your vape juice device. You vape device was probably expensive. With the proper maintenance tips, you can ensure it will stand the test of time.

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