Best Antique Lamps Reviews

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By Ikram Ullah

Antique lamps are some of the most popular types of lamps for people to buy and use in their homes. The aged look as well as the sturdy construction and gorgeous style are all great reasons to want antique lamps. Shopping for an antique lamp, however, can often be overwhelming, confusing and even frustrating without the know-how. There are several tips you can use and keep in mind before and as you shop, however, that will help you greatly in your journey to find the perfect antique lamp. ​See also Gooseneck desk lamps.

Make Sure It’s Antique:

Take someone along with you that knows a lot about antiques. Don’t get gripped! There are a lot of antique shops and stores out there that try to pass off lamps that have been distressed to look antique or those that are just old and in horrible shape as antiques, and hundreds fall for it. If you’re looking for genuine antique lamp or set of lamps, know what you’re buying. Try checking out the shop or store beforehand, talk to some of their previous customers or the better business bureau to make sure they are reputable and honest.

Think About the Style:

Before you go shopping, think about what it is you’re looking for. Do you want it to be antique wood, or antique metal? What type of material do you want the shade to be made from (some older antique lamps have shades made from animal skin of some kind). Do you have a color in mind? How much wear do you want it to show? These are all really important to be thinking about before and as you shop. A clever salesman could talk you into something you don’t want otherwise, which ruins the whole point of your shopping experience. Deciding a few of these things early on will keep you on the right track.

Shop Around:

Antique shops are notorious for overpricing their products, whether they are worth the money or not. Shopping around will help ensure you find a gorgeous antique lamp and at a price that is okay for you. Knowing what you want and a price you want will help you enormously.

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