The Best Electric Chainsaws (Cordless Electric Chainsaw)

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By Ikram Ullah

There are two main kinds of chainsaw: gas-powered and electric. An electric chainsaw is better than its gas-powered cousin in several ways.

Best Electric Chainsaws

  • ​Turning on an electric chainsaw involves pressing a button or pulling a trigger; something far easier than spending multiple attempts at priming the mechanisms of a gas-powered chainsaw and pulling the cord multiple times, hoping “this will be the one that turns it on.”
  • ​The fact that an electric chainsaw is button- or trigger-activated also means that it is easier to turn off than a gas-powered chainsaw; the latter tends to take a few seconds to wind down.
  • ​Maintenance of an electric chainsaw is less involved, less smelly and cleaner than handling a gas-powered one.
  • ​The lack of necessity for a gas canister and gasoline means that electric chainsaws are notably lighter and easier to carry than a gas-powered chainsaw.
  • Electric chainsaws are less expensive than gas-powered chainsaws. Electricity is also a cheaper power source than perishable gasoline.
  • There is less risk of “kickback” when using an electric chainsaw. Kickback is when the user brings a chainsaw against an object and the chainsaw reacts by directing that force toward the user, running the risk of self-injury via chainsaw.
  • Electric chainsaws are quieter than gas-powered models, meaning there is less chance of hurting the user’s ears or irritating neighbors during operation.
  • Electric chainsaws have a significantly simpler storage process than gas-powered models, especially during lengthy periods of storage; gas-powered chainsaws require the removal of oil and gasoline and possibly even removal of the spark plug when stored for lengthy periods of time.
  • Electric chainsaws are far better for the environment than gas-powered models as they do not release pollutants into the air as they are in use.

What Makes a Good Electric Chainsaw?

Anyone looking to buy an electric chainsaw for their household will have their needs satisfied with any model offering an 18 inch chain bar blade.

In instances where the electric chainsaw operates via power cord, a good model is one whose power cord is long enough to allow its operator to reach most of what he wants to cut and trim; it may be advised to also pick up an extension cable.

 Fortunately, there are several electric chainsaws that work via battery pack, though this convenience comes at an increase to cost. 

What are the Best Electric Chainsaws on the Market?

  • ​The Makita UC4051A is a 16″ model offers tool-free adjustments to the blade and chain; rubberized grips; a large trigger; a current limiter to prevent overloading the saw and a viewing window for users to check the oil level of the chain bar.
  • ​The Worx WG303.1 features a 16-inch chain bar; a 12 amp motor; automatic tension of the chain so that it is always the right tautness and automatic lubrication of the chain so users don’t have to mess with that aspect themselves

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​Makita XCU03PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 14″ Chain Saw Kit with, 4 Batteries (5.0Ah)

Makita XCU03PT1 18V X2

​Makita XCU03PT1 18V X2 is the best cordless electric chainsaw thta is built-in external rotor The direct drive system of the BL brushless motor provides high energy efficiency Equivalent to a 32cc gas chainsaw. Makita chainsaw offers Variable speed trigger and high chain speed (0-3, 940 FPM) For better cutting performance.

With zero emissions, less noise and much less maintenance, the chainsaw is a welcome solution for cutting and trimming applications. It is powered by two 18V LXT batteries for 36V power and operating time, but without leaving the strongly preferred 18V battery platform.

​Makita cordless electric chainsaw is ​Built-in lock lever helps prevent chain from accidentally snagging. The On / Off switch L.E.D. Built-in with auto power off function; Automatically turns off the saw when the operation is delayed to prolong battery life.

​Key Features:

  • ​Outer rotor Brushless motor with direct drive system.
  • Auto power-off function.
  • ​Built-in lock-off lever.
  • ​Variable speed trigger.
  • Built-in L. E. D. On/off switch.

Makita XCU03PT1 18V X2

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