Best LED corn light Bulbs, A in depth over review

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By Ikram Ullah

LED industries are growing day by day for their beneficial advantages. However, daily innovation in the LED lights leaves you speechless. Its only positive point is less consumption of energy making it in demand.

According to the demand of user, some company has introduced the led giant called LED corn bulb. As the name is showing that it corn shape heat sink. One of the ideal choices to avoiding the lights heats. Almost 65 percent of energy-saving and 25 led to the floor is the very healthy option to brighten all direction. However, the setting of lights does not affect human effects.


As we have mentioned before, kernel shape light has many LED lights that enlighten your specific location. Additionally, a misconception is a part of our page. That must be cleared. This light has well-structured with aluminum in mini round PCB and the light circuit board can reduce heat. So corn light can harm human health. If we have an in-depth analysis that with the round LEDs had heat sink that is a quite big restriction for heating.

The second objection on these super brighten extra lighting effect to your eyes as well as blindness, bright spots and flickers can be harmful to your health. Lens and optics are part of corn LEDs are the biggest advantage. Because these lens used for equal distribution of lights. The equal distribution of lights can not harm your eyes anymore. 

This light is covered by a frame .its heavy so sometimes it can be dangerous for public places. Anyone can get hurt if it falls. Because of its cover shield, it is a little heavier than normal light. Its light doesn’t spread much. Its size is also bigger than an ordinary light bulb. All these claims prove fake in the companies research report.

Use of corn light bulb

Best LED corn light bulbs can be put in the ceiling. However, this light is covered by a frame. It is used in big shopping malls. Used in a place where there are a lot of people. Different companies have made it so that light. One, it takes very little energy. The electricity bill comes down and is about 95% energy saving. In this, the light comes straight down. The things in the mall are easily visible because of this light. To do large-scale work you need more light at such times using this light Massive savings can be made. That’s why in shopping malls, public libraries and in the restaurant this light is preferred.

Life and color of the light bulb

When you go to buy a bulb, the first thing you do have to see its color and its shape. Have to read all the details from its box .you want to see what color it is and what is its lifetime. Try to buy a white bulb .it has more light. The light bulb which has a life span is 50000 hours .its warranty will be for 5 years. Must read all the details in the box above the packing.

Lumens (brightness)

Now let me not tell you about its light .lumen means how much bright light is this. On top of the cover of each bulb, its description is mentioned. some bulbs have a lighter color and are milky in shade. Some bulbs have extendable designs.

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