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By Ikram Ullah

Digital pocket scales are a convenient gadget to have around. They measure the exact weight of small objects or weigh something while on the go. They have many uses and as they are so small and portable, they are ideal for most situations where the items being measured are no enormous.

​​Which Digital Pocket scale is best? Our readers have spoken!                       These are their picks for the top Digital Pocket scales for 2018.

​A digital pocket scale is very versatile and because of his tiny size on can take it to anywhere. Digital pocket scales are very small in size, so they are very handy to carry along in your briefcase anywhere.

​Pocket weighing scale can be used in the kitchen to weigh food ingredients and act as a digital scale for weighing other common everyday things like mailing postage and gift packages.

Who would need them?

There are many situations, in both your personal and professional life. Perhaps you work in a jeweler. You or a customer may want to know the exact weight of an item. You wouldn’t want to have to ask the customer to weight while to go to the stockroom and wheel through a large box. A ​Mini digital pocket scale would be perfect in this situation.

​best pocket scale is easy in use, incredibly accurate and very quick. You may be on a diet or very watchful over the things you eat. A small set of scales would be perfect to take the exact measurement of the ingredients that you are putting into your food or perhaps your sugar intake if you have diabetes.

Why use digital pocket scales?

They are so small and portable; they are easy to carry anywhere. If you are in a position where you need to weight items while on the road, digital pocket scales are the only real solution. You can carry them around with you quickly, with no effort at all.

They are very cost efficient as well; generally, the can be picked up very cheaply from online retailers in many shapes sizes and colors to suit your needs and personal taste at the same time.

If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

                     This ​Digital Pocket scale is the most popular.

GDEALER Digital Pocket Kitchen Scale 0.001oz/0.01g 500g Kitchen Food Scale Jewelry Weight Compact Scale.

GDEALER Digital Pocket Kitchen Scale

GDEALER Digital Pocket Kitchen Scale is the wonderful Digital Pocket scale that gives accurate measurements of very small quantities. It is capable of weighing up to 500g with great accuracy.

This scale is equipped with high sensitivity gravity sensor and made of ABS plastic frame. The stainless steel plate makes the scale durable and light.

 It has LCD display with the blue back light so that you can read readings at night tool with ease. The counting feature is a prominent feature of this pocket scale which gives you an accurate count, especially for food. 

It includes a precision Tare Button which calculates the net weight of your ingredients by subtracting the weight of the container.


  • check​It includes high sensitivity gravity sensor.
  • check​LCD display with blue back light.
  • check​90 days money back guarantee.
  • checkCan be calibrated with 500 gram weight.
  • checkIt gives an accurate count.

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​Smart Weigh SWS100 Elite Series Digital Pocket Scale

Smart Weigh SWS100 Elite Series Digital Pocket Scale

Smart Weigh SWS100 Elite Series Digital Pocket Scale is an exclusive pocket scale with a wide range of features that was crafted to be strong, durable and pocket-sized for many of your portable weighing needs, such as food, tablets, powder, precious stones, coins, jewelry, gold or silver.

The tare function allows you determine the net weight of any product by subtracting the weight of bowl. It includes stark contrast LCD blue backlight display make measurements easy to read.

​It includes all the unit measurements needed for easy weight translations such as gram, ounces, grain, and carat. It manufactured with high precision sensors to ensure accurate weight readings.


  • check​Make your weighing tasks convenient and efficient.
  • check​Stark contrast LCD.
  • check​Blue backlight display.
  • checkManufactured with high precision sensors.
  • check This scale is less subject to air fluctuations.
  • checkQuick and very accurate.

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​American Weigh Scale Ac-650 Digital Pocket Gram Scale.

American Weigh Scale Ac-650 Digital Pocket Gram Scale

​American Weigh Scale Ac-650 Digital Pocket Gram Scale is a durable, reliable and compact pocket scale that offers three easy to use key operations.

It has the backlit LCD screen which makes the numbers visible and easy to read. Due to the smooth stainless steel surface, cleaning is easy.

The main aim of this scale is to measure things accurately. Its ingenious protective cover doubles as a sturdy expansion tray.


  • check​Very good and inexpensive scale.
  • check​3 button operation.
  • check​Compact and durable.
  • checkStainless steel weighing surface.
  • checkBack-lit lcd display.

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​American Weigh Scales AWS-600-BLK Digital Personal Nutrition Scale, Pocket Size.

American Weigh Scales AWS-600-BLK Digital Personal Nutrition Scale, Pocket Size

​American Weigh Scales AWS-600-BLK Digital Personal Nutrition Scale is a great durable and compact pocket scale. It is ideal for those who looking for the high precision portable scale on the go. 

The backlit LCD screen makes the numbers visible and easy to read. It comes with a protective cover which provides protection to the scale.

Its smooth stainless steel weighing surface makes cleaning task easy. The buttons on this scale give you full control switching on modes grams, ounces, troy ounces, pennyweights and tarring.

This small size digital scale offers a wide range of 600 grams to just 0.1 of a gram. It is capable of measuring g, ounce, troy ounce and dwt.


  • check​It offers 600 Gram capacity with 0.1g resolution.
  • check​Includes two AAA batteries.
  • check​Calibrates with a 500g weight.
  • checkBacklit LCD display.
  • checkLightweight and compact.

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Digital Food Scale, SKYROKU High-precision Kitchen Scale Multifunction Digital Pocket Scale with LCD Display.

Digital Food Scale, SKYROKU High-precision Kitchen

​Digital Food Scale, SKYROKU High-precision Kitchen is a perfect kitchen gadget that makes your life healthier. This pocket scale has a stylish look and gives you a more pleasant weighing experience.

It offers unit conversion between g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct and gn. Its clear blue backlight LCD screen makes the number more visible.It includes high precision sensors which provide the most accurate weight readings.

​Its plastic trays hold firmly loose even powdery items. This digital pocket scale is ideal for portion control, postage, reloading, jewelry, jewelry, and baking.

The piece counting feature provides an accurate quantity of small items that weigh.


  • check​Sleek stainless steel build make maintenance easy.
  • check​Fast and easy to tare and calibrate.
  • check​Clear blue back light LCD screen.
  • checkEquipped with high precision sensors.
  • checkDisplay low battery power.

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​Fast Weigh MS-600-BLK Digital Pocket Scale 600 Gram.

​Fast Weigh MS-600-BLK Digital Pocket Scale

​Fast Weigh MS-600-BLK Digital Pocket Scale is one of the most popular and economic scales. It has a removable cover which keeps the scale protected when not in use and also works as an expansion tray.

This handy Pocket Scale is specially designed is to weigh items up to 500 grams in 0.1 gram increments. It comes with Back-lit LCD for easy viewing.

This scale is powered by 2 AAA batteries which are included in the package.


  • check​Weigh items up to 500 grams in 0.1 gram.
  • check​Removable cover to protect the scale.
  • checkBack-lit LCD display.
  • checkDurable, sleek and compact
  • checkMade of high quality material.

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