Embroidery Machine Types, And Are They Worth Buying

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By Ikram Ullah

You have recently doodled a few designs that would look great in embroidery and are considering buying a sewing machine that can make embroidered stitching. You notice a major price discrepancy between regular sewing machines and embroidery machines, and you are wondering if there is that much difference in how well they work. You also wonder if the designs will look as good as if you were to hand-embroider them.

You can use a computerized sewing machine or an embroidery machine to get stitches onto clothing.

Traditional Sewing Machines

Although some very expensive sewing machines are designed specifically for embroidery, you can make embroidered designs with any sewing machine.

You will have to guide the material very carefully with your hands if you use a regular machine. It may take several tries to get a design on an article of clothing correctly.

You will have to get your design onto a piece of fabric using transfer paper and have to use an embroidery hoop to hold the fabric in place as you work. You will have to attach a quilting foot to the sewing machine, allowing you to move the fabric around freely.

Computerized Sewing Machines

You will get better results if you use a computerized sewing machine. A computerized sewing machine will allow you to upload an image you have designed through a USB port. It will also let you type in letters if you want to have a word or phrase embroidered on an article of clothing or a blanket. It will have several pre-programmed patterns for you to use. You will just feed your design into a machine and hold the fabric in place with an embroidery hoop. The computerized needle will make perfect stitches.

Embroidery Machines

There are certain sewing machines designed specifically for embroidery that will have more features on them than ordinary sewing machines. They will also be more expensive than regular sewing machines, but an embroidery machine will make flawless stitches.

Whenever you use any machine, whether it is specifically designed for embroidery or not, it will look more precise than if it were done by hand. The stitches will also last longer because they will be tighter and less likely to come loose.

You should buy your embroidery machine from a well-established company such as Singer, but make sure to read the warranty carefully. These machines are very costly, and they should be guaranteed to work.

Use an On-Demand Printer

If you have a great idea for an embroidered design, you do not have to break the bank and buy a new sewing machine or an embroidery machine. There are on-demand printing companies that allow you the opportunity to create custom embroidery on their websites.

You can either create a design and upload it to the printer’s website or create a design using their online tools.  Once your design is in place, you will select the clothing article or other object you would like the design to appear on.

You will select the size for the article of clothing you have chosen, provide your name and address, and select a shipping method. The advanced embroidery machines that the printer uses will create a perfectly stitched shirt. You can order one shirt or hundreds of them when you use this type of system.

Before you go out and make a big investment in your own embroidery machine, it is better to try using an on-demand printer. An on-demand printer will allow you to experiment with different designs and color combinations. You can order a sample shirt or two to see what you think looks best up close.

Embroidery is a beautiful art form that has been around for centuries, and an on-demand printer will have the best embroidery machine available.

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