Make the Cleanliness Simple with Hand Soap Dispenser

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By Ikram Ullah

With all of the communicable diseases that are prevalent today, frequent hand washing is imperative. Placing a convenient hand soap dispenser by the sink is a good way to promote hand hygiene. The CDC states that hand washing is the most effective action that people can take to help reduce the spread of communicable illnesses. The CDC recommends that the public “take action” and wash their hands more often. 

Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap and water for 15 to 20 seconds.  Rinsing should be done from the washed forearm arm area or wrist area downward to the fingertips.  Hand hygiene is essential after having contact with the public and having contact with surfaces in public areas.  This would include shopping, working, hanging out, and any other activities outside the home.  Surfaces such as doorknobs and handles, shopping carts, handrails, chairs, etc. are covered with germs and bacteria.

Everyone should wash their hands immediately after returning home.  A hand soap dispenser can be an attractive and convenient accessory to facilitate hand washing. 

 Bar soaps rest in a soap dish.  Bar soaps get messy from frequent hand washing.  Having liquid Hand Soap Dispenser eliminates the mess from bar soaps.  Liquid soap pumps are easy to use and refill.  They are sold in a variety of styles ad designs.   Some appealing, top selling liquid soap dispensers for the kitchen and bathroom are:

  • The Joey Soap Pump:  This contemporary black ceramic kitchen soap pump has a chrome finish pump and would be an attractive addition to the kitchen.  It is designed with a handy holder for scrubbers on the back, and comes with one scrubby. 
  • The Outhouse Lotion or Soap Pump:  This hand soap dispenser has an old fashioned outhouse design.  It is made of Resin in country colors with a brushed stainless steel pump and lots of detail.  From the tall grass and sprawling vines to the crescent moon above the door and little blue bird on the roof this dispenser is an adorable addition to any country décor.
  • The Duo Double Soap Pump:  This designer hand soap dispenser is a transparent soap and lotion dispenser.  The pumps have a chrome finish and the soap reservoir has a second reservoir built inside for lotion.
  • The Touchless Hands- Free Dispenser:  This touch-free battery powered Soap Dispenser is sought after during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and expected to become a lasting necessity of the future as the pandemic continues to inculcate the habit of hand washing. Its infrared sensor enables con tactless operation and the foaming mechanism dispenses micron-sized thick foams at a please rate. The portability feature and minimalist design is ideal for its performance in almost any settings.
  • Works with regular soap & alcohol based sanitizer
  • Micron-sized thick foam
  • Lasts up to 9 months on a single insertion of AA batteries.

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