How Has Technology Helped to Promote Marijuana Industry?

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By Ikram Ullah

Technology has paved the way for a magnitude of changes in the world. With a light tap on our phone screen, we can order anything we fancy, whether a burger, a chair, or a car. Nothing is off-limits for the technological world, and as a result, our lives have never been more efficient. 

The Cannabis industry has also benefitted from technology. From better cultivation to intelligent lighting, extraction, and nanoencapsulation, industry insiders find it easier to extract, grow and distribute their product these days. Premium cannabis brands are also enjoying the benefits of technology. Long gone are the days where buying marijuana was a shady business. 

Nowadays, brands are out in the open, sharing their best products with their customers, and technology has only enhanced the experience for everyone involved. The following are the significant ways technology is normalizing and promoting the marijuana industry.

Delivering straight to your door

Forget about shady alleys. Nowadays, you can have your marijuana delivered right to your door. Like any other shop-to-door delivery service, industry insiders give customers the chance to shop cannabis products and deliver them to their door. You can order now from Daily Marijuana or any other brand that suits your preference.


Influencers are normalizing marijuana

For a long time, most of us associated marijuana with unemployed bums who do nothing all day, but things are changing, especially now that influencers are involved. Social media influencers with a huge following can turn any product into a household name. Many influencers are choosing to share their mental health struggles and opening up about their use of cannabis products such as CBD to help them deal with anxiety, depression, pain, and other physical and mental health ailments. These people travel, have children, businesses and houses to take care of, thus changing the image of marijuana users. 

There is more information out there

The biggest question surrounding the cannabis industry is whether the products you want to buy are legal or not. Legalization depends on where you live and the amount of THC found in the product. Some countries have legalized marijuana containing a high amount of THC (the cannabinoid that delivers those euphoric effects and makes you feel high). Other countries only permit hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.2 percent THC as it is a non-intoxicating psychoactive. Thanks to reliable websites such as official government pages, you can know for sure which cannabis products you can buy without getting into legal trouble. 


Online reviews help with your shopping experience

Reliable web pages are helpful, but so are customer reviews. When buying cannabis products, you want to ensure they are high quality, as low-quality products can cause more harm than good. Online reviews can help you make the best decision. Make the time to go through customer reviews of different brands and choose the one with a significant number of five-star reviews and praise by its past customers. 

Shopping is more accessible with apps

Premium cannabis brands know that efficiency is critical for anyone when buying online and more efficient than having an app to shop products on your phone. Many brands have already delved into the app world and enhanced their customers’ shopping experience. Additionally, Buddy has launched apps where customers can shop cannabis products from various brands and deliver them to their homes.