How to Ace the SBI PO Exam? The position of the SBI PO is a highly coveted one and the

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By Ikram Ullah

The position of the SBI PO is a highly coveted one and the exam is equally competitive. SBI PO offers numerous benefits, apart from extremely lucrative remuneration and regular advancements. Many of these positions offer the chance for candidates to travel and the work-life balance is wonderful. With this in mind, let us first understand the pattern that this exam follows.

Learn More About SBI PO Exam Pattern

The SBI PO exam is segregated into the prelims and the mains. The patterns that these exams follow can be analyzed through SBI PO previous year question paper. The prelims exam covers- English Language, Reasoning Abilitty, and Quantitative Aptitude. This is a one-hour examination where 30 marks are reserved for the English Language section and thirty-five marks each are devoted to Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability. 

The mains, on the other hand, consist of a three-and-a-half-hour exam that tests you in Reasoning and Computer Aptitude, General/Economic/Banking Awareness, Data Analysis and Interpretation, English Language and Letter Writing, and Essay. This is a two hundred and fifty mark exam, giving the candidates enough opportunity to score. 

How to Prepare for the SBI PO Exam?

There are myriad ways to approach the SBI PO exams, however, there are certain sure-fire ways that have proven extremely effective.

  • Read every day- There’s no better way to become fluent in a language than to immerse yourself in it completely. If you are a person who struggles with the English language, reading every day is crucial for developing your skill. Converse completely in the language and try to notice sentence and grammar structures while you read. 
  • Analyze the syllabus- When approaching any competitive exam, step one is to take some time to analyze the material that you need to go through. Make time for each section on a daily basis, as this will help you go through the syllabus without feeling overwhelmed. Consistency is the key when preparing for a competitive exam. 
  • Attempt mock tests- Most exams that happen on a year-on-year basis tend to follow certain patterns. These patterns become visibly clear when you start to attempt mock tests and previous year’s question papers. While doing this will give you a fair idea of which sections tend to have what kind of questions, they will also prepare you to be quick and efficient while attempting the exam. BYJU’s Exam Prep is a great resource for such practice. They also provide coaching services for many subjects, which has proven to be extremely beneficial for candidates appearing for exams such as the SBI PO.
  • Play to your strengths- While attempting the mock exam, it is suggested that the candidate pick up their strongest sections first and finish them quickly. This is likely to help you score well in a section that you are already good at and is an efficient way to manage your time. This will also leave you with ample time to attempt questions that you struggle with, without the fear of missing out on sure-shot marks from other sections. 
  • Anchor difficult sections in your mind- It is a psychological fact that the mind associates certain feelings with things that you remember. While preparing, if you come across certain information that you find difficult to retain, try and anchor that to a good feeling or memory. You can use the same to bring that information back during the exam. 
  • Take time to refresh yourself- While swimming your way through the ocean of information required for this exam, ensure that you take enough time to relax and rejuvenate, both mentally and physically. Incorporate some sort of physical exercise in your routine, as this is known to make mental retention better. Breathing exercises are also extremely helpful to manage stress and anxiety. 

You must remember that this is just an exam, like the countless others that you have attempted throughout your life. You must keep calm and work smart to prepare well for this exam as well. 

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