How To Administer CBD Oil for Dogs?

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By Ikram Ullah

Cannabidiol, also called CBD, is a naturally occurring compound that is present in cannabis Sativa species. It has started to gain popularity because of its numerous benefits. But even though they have health benefits for humans, some people do not know that they also have some health benefits for your pets. 

This is because most dogs have endocannabinoid systems that are similar to that of humans. In just the same way as humans, CBD also interacts with this system to positively affect health.

More dog owners and lovers are beginning to give their pets cannabidiol products, which has led to the development of different ways of administration. However, unlike humans, CBD oils have to be administered in specific ways for total efficiency. It may be straightforward to give your pet cannabidiol, but the process may prove to be difficult for pet owners. So, if you are a dog or cat owner, you might want to read this article to learn a thing or two.

Which is The Best CBD Product for Your Dog?

There are different products of cannabidiol that differ in the market today. However, it is recommended that you use full-spectrum because it contains CBD and other beneficial compounds included in the plant.

These compounds are usually so beneficial to the dog’s general system. It is also advisable that one avoid isolates because they remove or eliminate other compounds that are not beneficial as they isolate cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is actually non-psychoactive and is totally different from hemp plants for marijuana. 

These plants used for marijuana contain high levels of THC, which can cause a “high” feeling. You can check the pethempcompany for dogs for the best CBD options that are effective and safe for canine use. 

What Health Problems Can CBD Oils Solve for Your Pets?

Contrary to what most people assume, CBD oils do not cure health problems relating to dogs. However, they can manage some of its symptoms. Below is a list of some of these symptoms it can help with;

It Can Help with Epilepsy

Studies have confirmed that only 2-3 mg of this product daily can reduce the frequency of seizures by more than 30%. The test was carried out mainly on dogs because they are the most dominant pets, but they can be applied to other pets.

It Can Help with Osteoarthritis

Only 2mg of this product twice daily can increase the body activities of most cats and dogs that suffer from arthritis. Other forms of medication can easily cause side effects but not this. Gradually, CBD oils are becoming a natural replacement for other medications because of the benefit of quick absorption.

It Can Help with Anxiety

Some breeds of different animals are predisposed to anxiety, while others suffer this health complication from other factors. There are common signs of anxiety that are peculiar to various animals, and you should be able to know and differentiate one from the other. 

With cannabidiol oil, they can always enjoy a calming effect. High doses may show little or no effects, but lower amounts of 10mg, 5mg, or even 2.5mg consistently can give you the best results.

It Can Help with Soreness and Inflammation

Most dogs vary in the way they react to soreness and inflammation. These complications can be caused by several reasons, including chronic illnesses, age, or injury. As a pet owner, you should be able to know when they are in pain or are withdrawing from sociability and activity. This link has more on how to deal with inflammation in dogs. 

How Can I Administer CBD Oils to my Dogs?

Many owners of different animals always want to give their clawed friends the best treatment. It is safe to say that administering cannabidiol products is an excellent way to go. Once you can determine the proper dosage of the product, it gets easier from there. However, we will be discussing some of these ways below;

Mix with Food

Every dog loves to eat; in fact, some might want to eat all day if you let them. These animals clear their bowls without a second thought, and this can be used as an advantage. Adding a few drops to their favorite foods will ensure they consumed everything. This method is effective because the foods mask the taste of the product. Dry foods are usually less complicated for them to detect changes, so you might want to stick with them.

Place Directly in Their Mouths

This is generally considered the best and easiest way to administer this medication. It is also ideal as you will be able to administer the exact amount needed. You should note that most of the time, these products are being dosed. The dosage could come in the number of drops and is determined by different factors like its size, weight, and condition.

Make sure to get a near-accurate aim. Then, squeeze gently to get the required amounts into the mouth. After the administration, you can give them an excellent treat to ensure they swallowed everything. With this method, the gastrointestinal tract of these animals can absorb everything in full.

Dilute with Water

If the other methods are not suitable for your four-legged animals, you might want to replace them with a solution of water and the product. First, you must know that CBD oils are usually odorless and tasteless. As long as you can administer the proper dosage, they will still enjoy all the benefits. However, your pet should drink a lot of water. This method is most suitable for them. You can find more here on giving your dog CBD. 

Final Note 

There are different ways to administer this product to your pet. Choose the one that suits them and follow it religiously. Your favorite animals deserve the best, just like you do.

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