How To Dose CBD oil for Your Cats

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By Ikram Ullah

Since it has been discovered that most of the pets we own, i.e. all mammals, have an endocannabinoid system just like humans, people have started giving CBD products to their animals. This has proved to be quite a good decision and we can only be glad that researchers have discovered not only that fact, but also the fact that Cannabidiol as a compound can be quite beneficial for everyone. Those discoveries have led to the production of CBD oil for animals and numerous pet owners have already started taking advantage of it. This is what you should know about this product and your pets.

In case you have been contemplating the idea of introducing this product to your feline’s diet, I say you should go for it. Of course, there are a couple of significant things you should do before actually doing it, since you want to ensure that you are doing it the right way. First things first, you will need to find and buy high quality Cannabidiol products, so that you don’t end up giving your cat something that might not be as good for it as you want it to be.

Then, you also need to ensure that you are administering the right dosage, since administering the wrong one can lead to some issues. First of all, if you administer a low amount, the product might not have any kind of an effect on your cat, meaning that you will just have wasted your money while not helping your feline in any particular way. Then, if you give the animal too much CBD, it might end up experiencing certain mild side-effects such as nausea and sleepiness. Although those side-effects are mild and short-term, there is no need to put your feline through such a situation.

To be more precise, there is no need for you to just randomly decide on the dosage and risk harming your pet in any particular way. Instead, you should take the time you need to determine what the correct dosage is, so that you can be sure that your cat is getting all the benefits while not being at risk from developing certain side-effects. The only question that’s left now is how you can actually determine the right dosage.

If this is your first time buying cats hemp oil and introducing it to your feline’s diet, then you might have some troubles when it comes to determining the dosage. Yet, with a few right tips, you will undeniably manage to figure out the correct amount that you should give to your pet. So, let me share those tips with you below and thus help you understand how to correctly administer this product with the aim of improving your cat’s health or helping it treat certain symptoms.

Check The Labels

You need to understand that not every single CBD oil you come across on the market is the same, which consequently means that different ones should be dosed in different amounts. This is because there are a lot of different manufacturers out there and all of them create their products using their own methods and recipes. While all those oils contain Cannabidiol as the main ingredient, you shouldn’t just assume that every product is the same, because that might lead to you getting the dosage wrong.

How can you, however, ensure that you aren’t getting it wrong with specific products? Well, it is quite simple actually. All you will have to do is check the label of the particular CBD oil that you end up buying for your cats and search for relevant information there. Of course, if there’s no relevant information on the actual label, you might want to visit the website of the manufacturer and search for what you need to know there.

Consider The Weight

Even after reading the label, though, there will be a few things that you will need to take into account and determine the correct dosage all on your own. The weight of your animals is basically the first thing that you should consider. After all, a smaller pet will require less CBD oil than a larger one. While cats are generally smaller than, say, dogs, you shouldn’t rely on the approximate weight of their species. Instead, you should consider the specific weight of your cat, so that you can be as precise as possible with the dosage.

Here are some more things you should know before giving this product to your pet:

  1. Check Cannabidiol Content

In addition to the weight of your animal, you should also check the amount of Cannabidiol that is actually contained in those CBD oil products created for pets. The concentration of this product will help you determine how strong it is, which plays a huge role in determining the correct dosage. You will be able to find this piece of info on the label of the product.

Consider The Condition You Want To Treat

Of course, you will also need to keep in mind the actual condition that you are trying to treat with CBD oil. If you are, for example, planning to simply boost your cat’s metabolism and improve its immune system, a lower dosage might be required. If, however, you want to treat certain medical conditions such as arthritis, anxiety, or even epilepsy, then you will need to increase the amount you are administering.

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