How to Use a Smoker [BBQ Smokers]

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By Ikram Ullah


​Smoker grills are also known as horizontal smokers, barrel smokers, or pipe smokers. A smoker allows the griller (you) to have total control over the smoking procedure. If you get your hands on a smoker, you will realize how best it’s suited for preparing a barbecue.A smoker grill is built to smoke chunks of meat in a horizontal chamber. Meat is placed alongside the source of heat instead of directly above it. Ultimate GrillMate has all your reviews and tips for great grills and gear for your next get together.

This enables you to adjust the temperature effortlessly and replenish the heat source much more comfortable. You won’t require removing the meat to add wood or coal.The firebox is fixed on the side that feeds smoke into the smoking chamber. The smoke conveyed in the chamber is responsible for giving the meat a melting tenderness, rich flavor and a crispy feeling.A smoker delivers excellent results if you correctly understand how to utilize it. The following are simple steps that will teach you how to smoke meat in a smoker.Set up the temperaturesTo ensure your smoking grill is stable at 225°F, you will need to maintain a keen eye on the temperature. Most smoker grills have inbuilt thermometers. However, they are cheaply made, rendering them inaccurate and unreliable. They only measure temperatures on top of the smoker instead of taking account of where the food is.Being a grilling enthusiast, you can acquire digital air probes. They function as oven thermometers. The probes accurately keep track of temperatures in the smoker as coal/wood burns down. This way, you can easily adjust the airflow and add fuel if necessary.Light the charcoal in the chimneyAfter preparing the meat and it is ready to cook, it’s time to fire up the smoker. Cold meat is the best since it absorbs smoke efficiently than room temperature meat. First, light a full load of charcoal in the chimney starter. Let it burn almost ashing over. This will take you approximately 15 minutes.Supplementing your coal with wood will add more flavor to the meat. Don’t use coal as the primary source of fuel. Also, wood is hard and a complicated source of fuel. They are unmanageable inside a smoker and can quickly spoil the flavor and tenderness of your meat.Open the chimney baffles and add the lit coalsOxygen is a significant parameter when smoking. It’s also a source of fuel. Controlling the oxygen flow in the grill vents is another way to regulate temperatures in the smoker. Most smokers have a chimney and intake baffles. Ensure you properly set the baffles. They should be completely open before you add any fuel. Adjusting the intake baffle will take place after the smoker heats up.Place the red hot coals in the firebox. Patiently wait for the smoker to reach your intended temperature. Temperatures between 225°F and 250°F are okay. Once you reach your desired temperatures, add the meat to the smoker.Make sure the firebox and smoker doors are closed tight. Opening the doors at this juncture will trigger temperature fluctuations allowing smoke and heat to escape. Stay keen, observing the temperature probes. Constantly check if you have reached your desired temperatures.Maintain the temperaturesAt this point, it’s wise if you adjust the intake baffle so that you control the heat. The intake baffle plays a significant role to regulate the flow of oxygen to the fuel. It has an excellent effect on the smoking temperature. The chimney baffle is responsible for stabilizing the smoke and the temperatures in the smoking chamber.At this point, maintain the chimney baffle wide open. Then, close the intake baffle. You can keep it half-closed or even more. Gradually adjust it until you manage to stabilize the temperatures. This shouldn’t worry you though. As cooking progresses, the temperatures will eventually drop as the fuel slowly fades. You can replenish with properly lit coal from the chimney starter.Add pieces of wood for flavorLarge chunks of wood are preferable instead of chips. Chunks smolder the meat slowly and consistently. The wood chunks should be placed next to the fire not directly. Two chunks of wood are sufficient per cooking cycle.Nutwoods, Hardwoods and fruitwoods burn best when it comes to smoking. They also deliver excellent flavor. Don’t soak the chunks of wood in water before you supplement them to the coal. Wood barely soaks in water and the little moisture absorbed might tamp down the coals.Add a little moisture to the smokeAdding moisture to the meat and smoke assists your barbecue in absorbing a tasty, delicious smoky flavor. Adding moisture can be conducted in two significant ways. They include;

First technique:

  • ​Place a meat rack on the coals in the firebox
  • ​Then, add a water pan on the grate

This procedure will humidify the smoke that flows in the grilling box.

Second technique:

  • ​After a while, when the meat is dry sprinkle a bit of water
  • ​You can also use apple juice as an alternative.
  • ​Don’t sprinkle too much water. Just ensure the meat stays juicy and smokyGive the meat time.

Delicious barbecues take time to grill. For good, juicy meat tenderness you will have to carve several hours on the smoker. Large chunks of pig meat might take up to 24 hours so that meat is well grilled. When it comes to barbecue, a few standards must be met. You must acquire a tender, well moist, tasty, flavored meat not just medium cooked beef.Chicken is smoked at 165°F. However, you might decide to go further for the meat to be tenderer. Around 180°F is okay. This is the temperature that turns collagen to gelatin. For briskets, you must set the temperatures inside the meat smoker to 195°F or 200°F.As much as barbecue is regarded as a science, it’s also an art. You must know how to navigate the smoker. After you have finished smoking, serve the tasty meat, eat but don’t forget to clean up the smoker.Debris and grease gathered at the bottom may rust your smoker. Clean it after use. Oil the outer and bottom parts of the smoker. You can oil using vegetable oil.As you continue to enjoy those unforgettable bites, its essential you comprehend that the best smokers are reviewed at . For more inquiries, contact Smokey Steak Ranch.

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