How does tempo training help to increase muscle growth and strength?

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By Ikram Ullah

A lot of people adopt a lot of techniques to gain muscle strength and mass. Some also use steroids for this purpose. Not that it’s a bad thing, since there are many benefits of anabolic steroids, but it’s important to know how to use anabolic steroids before jumping the bandwagon.

Some people, on the other hand, go all out in the gym to improve muscle growth. They perform different activities, such as tempo training for this purpose. It is a good thing to include tempo training in your daily routine workouts. For the workouts, which need more power and explosiveness like squats and deadlifting, slowing these moves with introducing tempo training to the workout will help you to run seamlessly in the long run.

The very first question someone asks about tempo training is the benefits of doing it. So, introducing tempo training in your daily routine and scheduled workouts helps you to promote your lifting skills and lets you do your certain moves more seamlessly and effortlessly.

If you are looking or searching for the best workout plans with tempo training then there are certain mobile apps through which you can learn things quickly.

How to read tempo numbers? 

Tempo numbers are generally expressed in the sequence of four numbers. A single tempo lift is split into four parts. Each part is represented by a number. Each number represents a specific characteristic.

Let us take an example of a complete four-digit figure to understand all four phases of tempo training. For Example- 2200

Following are the four phases of tempo training:

Eccentric Phase (lowering): 

Eccentric phase is the first phase and according to the example the first digit to be considered in this phase is 2. This phase is also known as the lowering phaseIf we consider the squat then this is the time to squat down. Considering the tempo sequence, it should take only 2 counts to move to the bottom position.

Isometric Phase 1 (I.e. pause at the eccentric phase):

The isometric phase is the next step to an eccentric phase which is represented by the second figure in the tempo sequence. It is the pause at the eccentric phase when the movement comes to the bottom position. It tells us how many seconds we have to take a pause. Considering the example i.e. 2200, the second figure is so we have to take a pause of 2 counts.

Concentric Phase (Lifting):

Next is the uplifting phase which knows as the Concentric phaseIn the tempo sequence, the concentric phase is indicated by the 3rd number of the sequence. In this phase, you have to uplift the movement from the bottom position. The 3rd number of the sequence indicates how many counts you should take to bring the movement back to the uplift position from the bottom position. Referring to the already quoted example, the third number is 0, this means that you should do this uplifting movement very quickly and fastly.

Isometric phase 2 (I.e. Pause at the top of the lift):

The last and fourth phase is isometric phase 2. This phase is indicated by the fourth and last digit in the tempo sequence. In this position, the movement comes back to its original position as it is in the starting. The last digit indicates the seconds you should take for a pause. While referring to the already mentioned example, the last digit is 0, this means you should not have to take any pause while moving to the second turn.

Benefits of tempo training:

After learning how to read tempo counts, you should know the benefits. Following are the benefits of tempo training:

  1. Helps your muscles to perform workload.
  2. Helps your muscles in growth.
  3. Enables a person to work in tension.
  4. It addresses all your positional weaknesses.
  5. Avoids injury cases.

Final Words:

Combined with the use of steroids, tempo training can offer abundant benefits. However, it’s important that you should be careful in both these matters. Particularly when it comes to buying steroids, you should always place your order at the best place to buy steroids online i.e. SteroidsFax if you want real products.

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