Why You Should Use Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights

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By Ikram Ullah

Planting an indoor garden is a wonderful hobby for people who truly enjoy the beauties of nature and want to have this environment within their home setting. Indoor gardens are becoming very popular today, especially with the advent of new products that simplify maintaining this environment. One of the most essential elements for growing plants indoors is having sufficient lighting.

The advent of  Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights​​​​ has added a new dimension to indoor gardening, by providing all the lighting your garden needs to flourish to perfection. The grow lights encourage plants to grow fast and promote flowers to bloom very quickly. They function in all types of temperatures for different varieties of plants.

How LED Light Systems Work

Indoor gardens require the proper amount of light in order for them to grow. In the absence of natural sunlight, plants require substitute lighting conducive for the production of chlorophyll in order for photosynthesis to occur. LED Grow Lights produce the exact type of lighting with the wavelength plants require for growth.

They give off the most productive light spectrum to encourage photosynthesis. Energy is not lost by creation of heat. In fact, these lights stay cool while running. To ensure that they stay cool, these lights come with a built-in fan. Since these lights always run cool, there is a low-carbon footprint.

Replicate specific wavelengths:

The key benefit of LED lighting is that the light they emit is designed to replicate specific wavelengths that are close to the peak chlorophyll absorption levels of plants. It is this specific spectrum that helps plants grow much more efficiently and produce more.

Near 100% Efficiency

By comparison, traditional lighting is about 35% efficient, so there is a 65% loss as heat and unused light. LED lights take advantage of high efficiency light spectrums, specific to the photosynthesis of plants and flowering, which reduces waste.

Higher Yields

By use of the correct light spectrums, plants produce higher yields when compared to traditional lighting.

Eco friendly

The significant benefit of LED lighting is the fact that they are so ecological and efficient.

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