QuickBooks: An accounting software for SMBs

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By Ikram Ullah

Many companies are always ahead in competition because some accounting software is so easy to use in the market. This has proven to be a good sign of market growth. Many small businesses turn to financial portals without the concerns expressed in other ways. The acceptance of such portals eases startups in many ways.

The desktop version of QuickBooks, the highly recommended accounting and tax software, has taken the entire business world to a new level by offering limitless features. Originally developed and designed by Intuit, the legacy version of QuickBooks has been deeply integrated into millions of businesses, offering users both flexibility and reliability. However, over time, both users and the company have recognized the need for further improvements and achievements.

Technology has no limits; it just increases over time. In the market world, every second counts. Intuit also strives for innovation that customers can trust, and now offers customers more flexibility without compromising data security. Cloud technology was the perfect answer to all of Intuit’s concerns, and as a result revealed the true needs of its hosting provider.

What Is QuickBooks Hosting?

While most of the already hooked users are happy to use the service, others still struggle to grasp exactly what QuickBooks is hosting. QuickBooks hosting is a way to instantly access your cloud network and access your data files there.

Data stored in cloud networks can only be accessed when hosted on a server. The third party provides a server for QuickBooks users to access their originally stored data files via the cloud. This is the basic concept of QuickBooks hosting where the traditional desktop-based QuickBooks software is hosted on a server.

Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

There are certainly some interesting scalability advantages to hosting QuickBooks desktop editions as more companies are adopting cloud integration. Some of the exact benefits that are useful for businesses of all kinds are detailed below.

Instant reports checking:

The cloud-based application works in real-time, allowing users to instantly see and track all changes made to a particular report. Users don’t need to spend much time to get the updated report file, they can use it directly with a single click.

Access anytime, anywhere:

After being hosted on the cloud network, applications can be accessed from any device at any time without any hassle. Any authenticated user can work in a flow from any device, using any operating system, and at any time accessing files through Hosted VDI without worrying about the location.

Ease of payroll management

You can do it in the application, so you don’t have to worry about calculating payslips every month. Your hosting provider will keep you up to date on all the latest HR law changes. Such controls will not hinder your business.

Same data with enhanced security:

Data conversion is never averaged in hosting. User data is transferred to the cloud at no cost. This is the biggest help for cloud integration as the user is still using the same QuickBooks software. Cloud networks enhance data security.


QuickBooks hosting is a need for growing businesses. Some of the finest hosting providers like Apps4Rent are experts in offering a wide range of cloud hosting solutions. These providers also support migration services to migrate exchange 2010 to office 365, so you can easily operate and access it through VDI hassle-free.

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