Reasons to Pursue Online Tuition and Not Offline Tuition

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By Ikram Ullah

With increasing competition, it has become important for every student to put in more hours to study their different subjects especially in secondary and higher secondary school. It is from class 7 that they tend to solidify their foundation towards giving a better board exam in class 10 & 12. Hence, taking tuitions is no more a luxury, but a general necessity. It is not just limited to those who are dull or find it difficult to score. Even the toppers do require tuitions in different subjects to stay at the top and be consistent with scoring numbers. Availing class 8 maths ncert solutions can do a lot of good to enhance your confidence and ensure you get common questions in the exam.

Digital or traditional teaching methods

Parents are quite concerned about their ward’s studies and would like them to score well. But with the advent of advanced technology, smartphones and websites, the education industry seems to have transformed completely. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has only further strengthened online classes not only by tuitions but also by schools. It is more than a year and half now that schools are closed and classes are being held through online classes to avoid contracting/spreading this dreadful virus.

Taking the online route

Majority of the parents now prefer choosing online portals like Cuemath to ensure their wards are able to study better and complete their topics on time. As a matter of fact, online portals are getting popular increasingly with each passing day. There have emerged different types of online platforms like Zoom, GoogleMeet, etc. that have only helped both school and tuition teachers to reach their respective students. Now classes are being held over the laptop or smartphone with a high speed net that is easily accessible. Hence, the online educational route is considered to be a safe way to provide the very best education to the child while taking care of their well-being along with that of other family members. Knowledge sharing has become possible without the child having to step out of the home, thus significantly reducing the worries of the parents over their child’s future career. You can learn more about software development life cycle documents here 

Benefits derived from online tuitions

The online classes offered by the well-known educational portals combine cutting-edge technology.

  • Flexible time schedule: Online tuitions enable students to learn live, from anywhere and anytime. You can get to decide the time desired to put in a particular subject. Courses offered are created keeping in mind the respective board set curriculum. Teachers also ensure that students are not loaded unnecessarily while learning.
  • Best teachers: The well established portals are known to have appointed top teachers who have the necessary credentials and in-depth knowledge of the subject. You will also be able to go through students’ feedback and teachers’ ratings before selecting the online teacher. In case, you feel uncomfortable or dislike the class, then you have the option to select another teacher to learn without having to pay additional fees. This is something not offered in offline coaching.
  • Parent supervision + Comfort: With online tuitions, parents have a better control over their ward’s education and progress. They get to see clearly what their children are doing in class and if they are really focusing on their studies or playing games. According to surveys conducted, home comfort and familiar surroundings tend to have a significant positive impact to promote meaningful and effective learning. This way, the child is able to increase his/her concentration and focus in studies. Moreover, teachers at reputed portals conduct quarterly PTM to share with them their ward’s progress. Thus, parents can keep track of their child’s improvement and discuss what step to take next.
  • Personal attention: Students can derive amazing features with online tuitions. The portals encourage teaching limited students, group study and personalized classes. They can also clarify their doubts without feeling shy or having to wait for their turn.

Checking Cuemath website will allow you to know the other benefits that you can derive from online tuitions.

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