Just My Style Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss Review: A Cosmetics Review

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By Ikram Ullah

Lip gloss is basically the perfect lip product. They’re shiny, they smell yummy, and they’re easy to apply. It doesn’t get much better than that, right? Well, actually, it does. Lip gloss comes in all different flavors and styles, and there are way too many options for us to list here. If you’re the type of person who likes to keep things super minimal, then this probably isn’t the gloss for you. But if you’re into experimenting with different looks, then we’re here to help! Today we’ll be reviewing the Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss from Maybelline New York. This product has everything you’d want from a shimmery lip gloss. It smells amazing, it goes on smooth, and it leaves you with a subtle wash of color that’s perfect for a night out or a night in. After months of testing, we think the Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss is worth adding to your collection. Read on to learn more and see if it’s right for you.

What is the Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss?

The Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss from Maybelline New York is a lip gloss that gives your lips a subtle wash of color, much like if you were wearing a sheer lipstick. The color is subtle enough to wear during the day, but it’s also perfect for an evening out on the town. This product comes in a variety of different shades, so there’s something for everyone.

Is the Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss worth buying?

If you’re someone who likes to keep things simple and chic, then this probably isn’t the gloss for you. The color payoff is subtle and not overly shiny, which makes it perfect for a day-to-day look. But if you’re more of a makeup enthusiast and enjoy experimenting with different looks with your lip products, then we think the Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss is worth considering. It has everything you want from a lip gloss: it goes on smooth and lasts all night long. In our opinion, it’s definitely worth buying!

The Science behind Lip Gloss

One of the most important aspects of lip gloss is the ingredients. Although some are natural, many are not. The components in lip gloss can make it a really harmful product if you’re using it too often or for too long. For example, carmine, which is a red dye that’s derived from crushed cochineal beetles, is found in many lip glosses. This dye can cause allergic reactions and skin irritations in people who have allergies to this ingredient. But even if your immune system doesn’t react to carmine, there are other components that can cause harm. Some ingredients in lip gloss like hydroquinone may also contribute to skin cancer development in long-term use.

Each component has its own individual effects on your body and on the environment around you as well. It’s important to be aware of what you’re putting on your lips because they’re so close-up to your face!

The Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss in Alluring

The Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss is a pretty standard lip gloss. It has a subtle shimmer, a nice fruity scent, and goes on smoothly. The one thing that sets this lip gloss apart from the rest is its color. This gloss comes in six different colors: nude, pink, coral, brown, purple, and red. They all have subtle shimmers to them and not much else going on.

The best part about this product is that it’s long lasting! You can actually get five or six hours out of one application with this lip gloss! That’s impressive for a lip gloss. If you’re looking for something that will last throughout your entire night out/night in without being too shiny then the Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss is perfect for you!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a basic shade of lipstick or lip gloss that goes on smooth and lasts a long time then give the Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss by Maybelline New York a try!

Why we need a Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss in our life:

We spend a lot of time on our makeup. We spend a lot of time picking out the perfect lipstick, matching eyeshadow colors, and curling and straightening our eyelashes—and that’s just what we put on top of our face. But lip gloss is different. Unlike other products, lip gloss goes on top of your moisturized lips, which means it doesn’t change the color or texture of your natural lips. This means you can use it for both day and night looks without worrying about looking like you just got back from an all-nighter.

The Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss is super versatile! It comes in 8 different shades (including one clear option), so it’s easy to find the right shade for you. And let’s not forget the shine! This product has a subtle shimmer that makes your lips look healthy and gives them a bit of that extra oomph they need to be noticed. Plus, the Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss leaves behind a subtle wash of color that works with any outfit or mood!

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The Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss ingredients:

-Hydrogenated Polydecene, Dimethicone, Flavor/Aroma, Polyethylene Terephthalate, Cyclomethicone, Mica, Silver Oxide (CI77891), Titanium Dioxide (CI77891), Magnesium Myristrate

The Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss is a multifunctional gloss that combines the benefits of a lip balm and lip gloss. It’s moisturizing without being sticky or tacky. This product is made with non-toxic ingredients and it’s vegan-friendly. The Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss has a light vanilla scent that smells like delicious cake batter. The product goes on smooth and leaves your skin with a subtle wash of color.

How to use the Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss:

When it comes to gloss, there are tons of different ways you can use it and that’s part of the fun. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle wash of color or a bold lip, there’s a way to do it with this gloss. Here are some tips on how to get the look you want:

  • If you want a sheer wash of color:
  • Apply two coats in one swipe (although technically only one coat is needed for this)
  • If you want full coverage:
  • Apply three coats in one swipe (the first coat should be applied using the applicator brush)
  • If your lips are dry:
  • Apply an extra coat of gloss over top of your normal routine for more moisture

Our favorite way to wear the Shimmer Pop Gloss:

This lip gloss is definitely a new favorite of ours. It’s shiny, it smells good, and it goes on like butter. It’s super easy to apply, which is perfect because we hate when products that are supposed to be “easy” end up being difficult or mess up our makeup look. We love this product because you can use it as a subtle wash of color or go all out with the glimmer. If you want something that looks great on its own and won’t change your makeup routine too much, then this is the product for you!

Does the Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss live up to the hype?

We think it does! This Maybelline New York product is perfect for a night out or a night in. The Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss has a luminous shine, it smells delightful, and it’s the perfect smooth texture that leaves behind just the right amount of color. It’s also hypoallergenic and comes in 12 beautiful colors. We really enjoyed this lip gloss, and we think you will too!

Would we recommend the Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss?

Yes! The Shimmer Pop Lip Gloss is perfect for those who like a little color on their lips. Not only does it have a great scent, but it also feels and looks fantastic. It comes in five different colors, all of which are perfect for any occasion, so you won’t have to worry about mixing and matching your lip gloss shades. This is definitely one of those products that will stay in your makeup bag for a long time.

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