Heart Touching Special Words For My Mother

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By Ikram Ullah

Happy Birthday Mom! I hope your day is wonderful like you!

Mother, you brought me into the world, raised me and still strive for me. I love you so much. I am very grateful for everything you do. Happy Birthday Mom. Let us pamper you today!

Mom, I wish you a fantastic birthday and an amazing year for your birthday!

Today should be all about you, mom. Have an amazing birthday!

Happy birthday mommy, when you blow out the candles, I hope all your wishes come true.

I think this will be your best year mom, you deserve only the best today and every day, Happy birthday!

Count your blessings, not the candles. I am so blessed to call you mom. Have a great birthday!

I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. You are the best mom a child could ask for. I hope this birthday and this year brings you many more blessings.

On your special day, I hope all your birthday wishes come true because you deserve only the best, mom.

A rock star mom deserves a rock star birthday. Have an amazing birthday, mom!

A mother’s heart is a huge abyss at the bottom of which there is always forgiveness.

Children sleep soundly in a mother’s arms because they are made of tenderness.

Mothers hold their children’s hands for a moment, but their hearts for the rest of their lives.

A mother’s heart is a great abyss at the bottom of which there is always forgiveness.

You are the brightness of our house. You are the charisma of our life. With your magic, you always do wonders. You are our best mom. We pray for you. We wish that with your kindness you will change the whole world and bring happiness to the lives of orphans. Happy birthday mom with all the best luck to you!

You are beautiful, mom. And I want to be also beautiful like you forever. I wish mom that you are always this beautiful, both from the heart and that you know how you are. So much love and happy birthday from your good and pretty daughter!

Everything you remember about me, mom, what I like or what I don’t. You spend your whole life taking care of your children. On the occasion of your birthday you are far away, however we wish you happy birthday and millions of wishes. I’m lucky you’re my mom. Happy birthday once again!

After Dad’s departure, you’ve given us all your time. We are happy that you want to start your new journey. We are with you and wish you the best of luck. May your desire to have a perfect partner come true. You live how you want. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you so much!

As these stars light up the dark sky every night. You mom, you’ve lightened us all our lives. We are grateful for this. We wish and pray that nothing in your life is empty and that your desire to travel the whole world comes true. Happy Birthday Mom!

There are not exactly words to describe the strength and sacrifice of the mother that she makes for her family and her children. Still mom, with this huge warm hug, we wish you happy birthday. And we pray that no disease paralyzes you, and no pain. Let everyone die before touching you.

A mother’s joy shines like a beacon, illuminating the future but also reflecting loving memories of the past.

What I bring for you on your birthday; Roses, lilies, daffodils or any other flower? Then I come to know that you don’t need anything because you are a supreme flower. May your fragrance, mom, be always present in our lives. We wish you never fade away. Happy birthday to my mom truly from my heart!

Even in my only cry, when you listen, you come to me leaving everything. You don’t care about anything except me. You are glorious mom. You are a good business woman and also a good mother. I pray that you reach all heights and become a tremendous success in the world. Happy Birthday Mom!

You used to comb my hair. You used to dress me You used to make me do my homework. You used to drop me off at school. These are all beautiful memories of you, mom. I wish I could live all this again. I always pray for your safety. Stay healthy and save mom. Happy Birthday!

The best medicine is your warm hug for me. When I come into your embrace, you release me from tensions. My all headaches go away. I pray that you never cry except tears of happiness. I promise that one day I will take you on a cruise. Awesome happy birthday to my awesome mom!

You’re like a thrush, mom. You speak so well and with such finesse that everyone admits you. Since you always wanted to be a classical singer, I pray that this dream will come true. Happy birthday my beautiful mother with a beautiful voice!

How you run after me when we both play hide and seek. Now you live in another country and I in another. I miss you so much, mom. Happy Birthday! I hope you are well and safe. Take care of your health and please rest. I hope we meet soon. Happy birthday once again!

When you walk, may there always be flowers and soft grass. What you think, may you get it. May the grace of God be always present. I send you many gifts with my love. I wish you happy birthday, mother.

I am your best son and a caricature as you still say as in childhood. I wish you have rest and peace. May all the stormy hurricanes in your mind end. May you live in the orchid of your dreams where all the fruits and flowers are rich. Happy birthday my emotional mother!

As this sky is vast and unlimited as your heart, mom. You have room for everyone and never deny help to those in need. That is the most virtuous thing about you. I pray whenever you need help, that you get it. Let all your tasks be done as you want. Happy birthday to my heavenly mother!

The power of motherhood is sometimes greater than natural rules.

The love and the sweet blows of the mother are the same! I pray that the Almighty Lord will be your guide in the labyrinths of life. May you never be puzzled and bewildered on any path you travel. May you never be afraid. Happy birthday my intrepid mother! You always inspire me.

You never stopped believing me and had faith in me when everyone was against me. To me, you are my God. I can do anything for you. I promise to fulfill all your wishes. On your birthday, happy birthday with your favorite tasty cake. The loveliest birthday to my dearest mother!

You have taught me the most valuable lesson in life mom that will always make me navigate through any difficulty. Be- have Hope and Patience. Thank you for all the love and teachings. Happy birthday my wise mother!

My thanks are all but for you, mom. I’m lucky you’re in my life. With my simple heart I tell you I love you, mom. Happy Birthday to you! I will always be close to you, mom.

Special Words For My Mother On Her Birthday

Being a social worker you have to do a lot of work. I am proud that you are helping all the girls in need. It’s so generous of you. I pray that your nights and days are calm and peaceful. May your daily life be windy. May achievements come into your life. May all your efforts be recognized. Happy birthday, my kind-hearted mother!

I pray that everyone understands you. I pray that you never go unnoticed. I pray that the love of father and family will always be with you. I pray that you will never be emotionally weak. Wishing happy birthday my beautiful mother!

The depth of his understanding is deeper even than seven oceans. That is why you are one of the best leaders in this nation. I am so proud of you. I wish you keep rocking and achieve all the unattainable things. You are a wonder woman. Happy birthday, my wonder woman mom!

May no evil and bad visions harm you. May our shield of love protect you. May you have a mountainous force. May you never depend on any hand. Wishing happy birthday my dear mother!

Mom, your undying spirit of achieving everything is phenomenal. You are special. You never get tired. The best thing is; You are my mom. I pray that your eternal spirit never fades. Happy birthday my special mom!

Let them all dance on your fingers. We have walked holding your little finger. Happy birthday my dear mother! May you always be brighter!

There is only one great superhero in this entire universe, and he is Mother. All fictional superheroes are a waste. You are my super hero mom. Happy Birthday to you! May all superpowers be yours!

A mother can play all the roles in a child’s life, but no one can play her role. That is why mothers are phenomenal and the first angels of God. You are my angel, mom. I wish all the fullness for you. Happy birthday my best mom!

May you have so much in your life that it will never be less. May you be blessed forever. You are a blessing to me. I pray every day for you. That’s so much I love you. Happy birthday, my mother with a heart of gold!

You’re getting old mom, and little by little a little weak. I want to tell you to take care of your health. Because more than you, I need you a lot. I pray that you will always be strong and healthy. That’s just business for me. Happy birthday, my sweet and cute little old mom!

Your birthday is a great opportunity to take a moment to express all the love and respect I have for you. I hope your special day is everything you want it to be because you have earned that and much more.

I know you push me because you know I can do better. Thank you for caring enough about me to believe that I can do anything. Your belief in me builds my confidence and my soul.

Mom, there is much to admire in you: your kindness, conviction, sincerity, and your charming wit. You are an amazing person and a phenomenal mom. Happy Birthday!

I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have such a fantastic mother like you to help me through life. Thank you for giving me shelter, comfort, food and love. I’m so thankful for you, mom.

Mom, you always taught me to respect my elders. So out of respect, I didn’t buy you a cake this year. I wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings with how many candles there would be! You’re welcome, and happy birthday.

There is not enough time or words to convey the depth of my gratitude and respect for you, Mom. I hope your special day is filled with positivity and love. Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom, we may not have always had the best of relationships, but we’ve always loved each other. You may be difficult, but you are also loving. I hope your special day is filled with warmth and laughter.

Thank you for your patience and forgiveness over the years, Mom. You are an absolute saint for being able to deal with me! May your birthday be full of peace, tranquility and joy.

The word mom is not just your title; it is your legacy. You have made such a vivid impression on the lives of our family, and we are so blessed to have you. Happy Birthday Mom!

When I was a child, I always tried to copy others. I realize now that I should have been trying to copy you. You are a kind, funny and absolutely charming woman. I hope your birthday is absolutely magnificent.

The bond between a mother and a daughter is like Bruce Willis, unbreakable. Thank you for being my everything, mom. Happy Birthday!

There are many traits that you passed on to me in life, but it is your perseverance that has truly allowed me to stand on my own two feet. Thanks for showing me how it’s done, mom.

Biology may have made us family, but it is love that made us friends. You are still the person I turn to when I need a friend. Happy birthday to my best friend!

You have done so much and received so little. I am very grateful for everything you have done for me. I can only hope to try to return the favor as much as possible. May your day be filled with many pleasant moments.

Thank you for always giving me hope for my future, forgiveness for my past and love for my present. I hope your birthday is half as extraordinary as you are. Happy Birthday!

You have so many lovable qualities, but it’s your ability to forgive that I admire most. Thanks for not killing me when I was a teenager! May you receive all the wishes of your heart this year.

There is nothing like mother. There is nothing parallel to the mother. She is the only being that is beyond. She is the source of everything. I bow to you, oh my mother, wishing you a happy birthday. May you always be rich in all parts of life. Happy birthday once again!

Motherhood has a profoundly humanizing influence on people. Everything is reduced to his bare bones.”

Mothers and their children belong to his category. There is no such thing as a stronger bond on the entire planet.

“Mother’s love is happiness, it is tranquility; it does not need to be acquired, it does not need to be deserved.” If it is present, it is a blessing; if it is not present, it is as if all the beauty of life has vanished.

As a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts.

A woman has to consider everything she does twice, once for herself and once for her child.

I believe in the power, intelligence and sensitivity of women. My mother and sisters are strong women. My mother is a powerful woman and I admire her for it.

I remember my mother’s prayers, and they have always been with me.” They have been attached to me all my life.

The most beautiful woman I had ever seen was my mother. My mom is responsible for everything I am. I attribute my achievements in life to her moral, intellectual, and physical education.

It all started when I woke up and saw my mother’s beautiful face.

It’s funny how mothers and fathers interact. They still think their own child is great, even if he or she is the nastiest little blister you can imagine.

I want to thank you on your special day for putting up with me crazy, wild, spoiled, spoiled. You’ve always been Awesome with a capital A. Happy birthday mom from daughter.

Sweet Words To Mom From Daughter

Thank you for your endless love and support. You are an amazing mom! I hope your special day is filled with love and happiness!

Kids are supposed to make their parents proud, but I’m proud to tell people that you’re my mom. Happy Birthday.

Mom, without you I wouldn’t be where I am in the world today. Wow, I wouldn’t even be in the world today! Happy Birthday.

I know I’ve given you laundry more times than a birthday present, so why break tradition on your birthday? Happy Birthday.

I couldn’t post a happy birthday wish for you mom on your Facebook wall because we’re not friends. And yes, I still consider it lurking that you want to be my Friend anyway.

There is no limit to how much I love you, mom. Like how much you have loved and cared for each of us.

As I travel the seas called life, you are my constant beacon carrying me back to shore through the storms.

You are incredibly beautiful every year you get older, and I promise I’m not just saying this because it’s your birthday.

Once again, I find myself speechless to express how much you mean to me on this special day. But you know me better than I know myself, so I’m sure you already know that. Have the best birthday ever!

So maybe you always burned dinner and bought store-bought birthday cakes, still managed to raise a wonderful family. Happy birthday to an amazing mom who keeps getting better.

The older I get, the more I realize that Mom is always right. It really is true that people get better with age. Don’t let another birthday get you down when you only get better every year. Happy birthday to the best mom.

You have always made me feel like the most precious person in the world. Thank you and I know I appreciate it. Happy Birthday.

God no longer makes angels like you. May you celebrate your birthday with happiness and inner peace. Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom, on your birthday I want to tell you again how much I appreciate everything you do and have done for me. Thanks. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to my mom…the woman who sacrificed so many precious moments in her life, so that I could have them in mine.

I am so grateful for her love and care over the years. Happy birthday to the best mother in the world!

Thank you for always taking care of me. Take care today! Happy Birthday Mom.

Thank you for giving me all your love all these years. I return your love Happy Birthday Mom.

I am very lucky to have U. Greetings on this special day. Happy birthday to my mom.

For U, every day feels like a special day. So, I want to make this your birthday with all the beautiful gifts that I could bring you. It is absolutely your day and I wish you enjoy it very much. Happy Birthday.

The store of my heart is full of your blessings. There is no such gift that can be enough as a gift on your birthday. Happy Birthday Mom.

Lord, I commend my mother, on her birthday, into your hands to give her a special day to remember in Jesus name. Amen.

Lord, on my mother’s special day, I pray that testimony will not leave her life in Jesus name. Amen.

I pray Lord for my mother today that you would bless her and increase her everywhere in Jesus name. Amen.

Father, today is my mom’s birthday, I pray that on this day, all of her pending prayers will be answered in Jesus name. Amen.

Jehovah, I pray that as my mother celebrates her birthday, you will illuminate her life with your light in Jesus name. Amen.

Lord, this being my mother’s birthday, I ask you to stand up for her and allow all her enemies to scatter in Jesus name. Amen.

My Redeemer, I commend my mother into your hands so that everything she imposes may prosper in the name of Jesus. Amen.

On this day when my mother is starting her new year, I pray that you will rebuke the devourer for her sake in Jesus name. Amen.

Whatever battles my mother has been fighting all these years, Lord, I pray on her birthday that You will grant her victory in Jesus name. Amen.

Happy birthday to the best mother in the world! I’m so lucky to call you mom!

As my mother celebrates today I pray Lord that she may not know a better yesterday, the years to come will be better in Jesus name. Amen.

Another birthday and you’re still as amazing as ever, happy birthday to the best mom in the world!

Sending birthday wishes to the best mom. You are my friend, my confidant, and I don’t know where I would be without you.

Happy Birthday Mom! You have given so much over the years. I hope I can give you a little back on your birthday!

It’s time to relax and enjoy today. That’s what birthdays are for. Happy Birthday Mom!

Remember that you are not old, you are the youngest you will ever be today and that is a good reason to celebrate!

Mom, my best wishes on your birthday and throughout the coming year!

Being a mother is one of the most important (and most difficult) jobs there is. I wanted you to know that you’re great at being a mom. Have a wonderful birthday, mom.

Every year you become a little more special to me mom. I appreciate everything you have done and today I want to wish you the best birthday ever!

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