Understanding the Points of Disparity between Women’s and Men’s Hats

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By Ikram Ullah

Wearing hats boosts the class and elegance of the wearer on different occasions. But limited availability and the price tag have resulted in the popularity of men’s hats over women’s. The vice versa is also the case. However, there is a thin line of disparity when choosing headwear. Read the article to discover the distinction between women’s and men’s hats.

Hat size differs

There are standard sizes for female and male hats. The ongoing trend is to go for the smaller version of hats. Especially among men, tiny hats are popular. The head size of women ranges between 21 to 22 inches, which creates a problem for them to select various hat styles. On the contrary, male hats are available in different sizes and styles written in numbers or letters. The head size of men ranges between 21.5 to 23.5 inches which comes within the medium to large category.

If you consider cowboy hats, you will find minor variations for women than men. Hence, for determining the head size, you have to refer to the size chart provided by the distinct brands and then pick your hat.

Intricate details

The difference in headwear has a lot to do with decoration. Wide-brimmed hats are popular among men, for example, cowboy hats. On the contrary, women have colorful bands and jewelry wrapped around the hat for elevating their appearance. However, you would find male hats with a distinct design to suit different settings. They have other methods, though, but there is a difference between men’s and women’s hats.

The shade of the cap does not make a distinction between the genders. Different hat brands use neutral shades like brown, white, or black. You cannot make out which color is for which gender. However, pink and red are popular among women, and blue and black rule the men’s category. You might discover a few tints and hues that go with both.

What about the material and style?

The occasion and the structure of an individual play a determining role in choosing hat style

Women in love with beach parties go for straw fedora hat womens made of straw and polyester to set fashion games. It creates the effect of a fashion icon that gives protection from the sun’s scorching rays.

Although you have hat designs that are extensively worn by both genders, there is a thin line of difference between these. Cowboy hats are an all-time favorite among both genders. The wide brims of these hats create a cowgirl or cowboy look of distinct appearance. A well-tied ties is the first serious step in dressing well. It’s an easy way to make a good impression on everyone, from your boss to your blind date.

Can men use women’s hats?

Now comes the million-dollar question- women are more prone to using men’s hats, a question arises here. Can men choose women’s hats? Well, of course. Men may choose women’s hats based on the occasion, style, and preference.

There are various female hat styles that men may pull off. Typically, if the hat has an adjustable strap or stretchy band, men may effortlessly wear it. The Beret is one of the examples of popular female hats that have gained prominence among men. Men may wear these hats in casual settings or on vacations. Along with this, adjustable baseball caps and female beanies are popular among men during the winter season. Hence, the difference between these two categories diminishes. You have to discover intriguing facts about the hats you are about to purchase.

Snapback hats have become popular accessories for men

However, you would see women wearing these hats in different casual settings. They prefer the simple appeal and overall appearance. For a street-style look with an athletic touch, snapback hats are the best choice. You can go for these hats to set the trend in sporting events.

Since you know about the difference between women’s and men’s hats, you should not get troubled because of the limited choices. To suit your preference, you can combine and match different colors, patterns, styles, and textures. As mentioned, it all depends on your style and taste. Hence, if you want to create countryside look or stroll by the park, feel free to use hats of your choice. The style you choose has a lot to do with the occasion you are attending. What you wear reveals a lot about your personality and taste. You can go for top hats or wide-brimmed hats if you follow a summer party.

On the other hand, beanies and trucker caps are best for chilly winter outings. Also, the tracker hats are ideal for the vintage look. They have a classy feel with a distinguished appearance. You have multiple options, both online and offline. These are available in different sizes and materials to suit both genders.  You can use different hats in various settings if you know how to style them without going wrong.

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