The Five Exciting Essays About the Vietnam War

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By Ikram Ullah

The Vietnam War includes exciting events in the United States’ history. Although scholars argue differently, it is evident that the involved countries had personal goals. Multiple factors explaining the development of the Vietnam War exist. The five most exciting essays about the Vietnam War cover the factors that led to the conflicts, including the United States’ involvement in the war, the countries and leaders involved in the war, positive and negative impacts of the war, cost of the war, and the United States’ withdrawal to end of the Vietnam War.

Communist and Capitalist Ideologies

The existence of communist and capitalist blocks in Europe and Asia influenced the beginning of the Vietnam War. North Vietnam and South Vietnam were supported by different blocks, leading to increased tensions. The emerging tutoring centers can emphasize the adverse impacts of these ideologies while teaching students about the Vietnam War. Therefore, if the communist and capitalist blocks did not exist, North Vietnam and South Vietnam could have lived peacefully.

The United States Involvement in the War

The United States primarily influenced the conflicts that transpired between South Vietnam and North Vietnam. Initially, the United States supported South Vietnam, creating disputes with North Vietnam, a communist nation. Essentially, North Vietnam termed the conflict a war against Americans to redeem the country. Thus, since the United States’ involvement in confrontations with communist countries resulted in war, it was hard to stop the conflicts of the Cold War from spilling over to Vietnam states.

Cold War Supporters

Based on the dynamics of the Cold War, countries united to support each other. For instance, the United States and South Korea fought for South Vietnam, while China, the Soviet Union, and North Korea fought to support North Vietnam. Based on this perspective, a legit writing service, like, can help students to understand that the Cold War’s dynamics influenced the type of support in such circumstances. Therefore, students can easily know which countries fought each other in the Vietnam War.

The Key Leaders in Asia

Those involved in the Vietnam War were political leaders. For instance, Ho Chi Minh was a Vietnamese leader who founded the Indochina Communist Party and inspired people to fight for communism. Essentially, he was at the forefront of ensuring that the United States and its allies did not support South Vietnam fully. Hence, his was one of the leaders who opposed the Western way of life.

The Key Leaders in the West

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was also a leader whose support for South Vietnam escalated the Vietnam conflict. He was the United States president who fought against North Vietnam and its allies to prevent the spread of communist ideologies. Tutoring centers should show students how they supported South Vietnam’s democracy. Therefore, these leaders greatly influenced other countries to support and protect their interests in the Vietnam War.

Positive Impacts of the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War allowed the unification of South Vietnam and North Vietnam. North Vietnam was severely affected during the war, while South Vietnam was not similarly impacted. However, the withdrawal of the United States allowed North Vietnam to take over South Vietnam and initiate the reunification process. In turn, the writing centers should stress this as a significant outcome of the war. Hence, the war enabled Vietnamese political leaders to understand the essence of reunification under one ideology.

Negative Impacts

The Vietnam War was costly as it led to the use of massive resources. South Vietnam and North Vietnam used funds to support their soldiers. Besides, thousands of soldiers died during the war. The United States also suffered because it spent a lot of funds to support a war that did not eventually benefit the country. Accordingly, the emerging writing centers should support students in learning the impacts of the war using their reading resources. Therefore, the Vietnamese war brought misery to people, while the tutoring centers should stress this aspect.

The Most Expensive War

Among the most expensive wars that the United States has fought, the Vietnam War is one of them that cost the country immensely. For example, the United States spent hundreds of billions of dollars to support the armed operations in the Vietnam War. This amount surpasses the funds and resources used in the First World War, while tutors in the writing centers should emphasize capitalism as a policy that the United States vehemently fought for. As a result, the Vietnam War was significant to the United States as it prevented the spread of communism among capitalists.

The Withdrawal of America From the Vietnam War

Americans withdrew from the Vietnam War due to various reasons. Firstly, the terrain of North Vietnam favored the Vietnam soldiers. Secondly, the heightened anti-war movement in the United States compelled the country to withdraw as people seemed unwilling to support it financially. Although there are other factors, emerging writing centers can help learners to understand these factors more deeply. In turn, multiple reasons compelled the United States to cease operations in South Vietnam and stop the war.

The End of the Vietnam War

President Richard Nixon of the United States wanted a peace deal between South Vietnam and North Vietnam. In 1973, he pressured South Vietnam to stop aggression against North Vietnam. In turn, the Paris Peace Accords were signed to influence the United States to cease its operations. The tutoring centers help learners chronologically to learn the factors to understand the war’s course. Thus, the primary factor that ended the Vietnam War included the United States’ decision to pacify the regions.


Ithe most exciting essays about the Vietnam War include the factors, including the American involvement leading to the conflicts, the participants, the impacts, the cost of the war, and the discourse leading to the war’s end. The essay topics allow students to explore the Vietnam War from different perspectives. Consequently, emerging tutoring centers should help students to discover the different dimensions from which they can study the Vietnam War. Therefore, the five most existing essays explore the war’s course, addressing how it started and ended.

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