Top 5 Bed Sheet Color Trends of 2021

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By Ikram Ullah

Your bedroom should be stylish and well-curated but also reflect your personality. Neutral colored single bed sheets are hot right now, and you can adjust their versatility to suit your individuality.

Whether one buys bed sheets online or offline, they come at a very affordable price and are unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon.

However, what are the most sought-after bed sheet colors? Which sheet color is best for you? Below is a list of the most popular colors for each season, tips on layering textures, tones, and color combinations.

  1. White Sheets

White is the most popular color for sheets. It is timeless, classic and versatile. You can choose a white linen sheet in the summer and match it with an off-white duvet cover.

You might want to contrast your winter whites with charcoal, grey, or green as the weather gets cooler. There’s nothing wrong with an all-white bedroom regardless of the season. You can add depth and interest to your bedroom with different fabrics, textures and finishes, regardless of whether you prefer the traditional look of a top sheet or prefer to sleep with only a fitted sheet.

You can find more tips in our guide How to Style and Design a White Bedroom.

  1. Sand Sheets

Sand-colored bedding can be neutral or luxurious, depending on how you style it. The color of the sand depends on where it is found.

It can appear almost white, yellowish or grey, and brown, brown, or black. It is generally a warmish-beige hue. You can complement sand percale sheets set with a warm duvet, such as clay or sienna.

In our article Feng Shui Interior Design Ideas That You Will Love, learn how to balance rich colors with beige textiles.

  1. Dove Grey Sheets

Fog, also known as Dove Grey, is a cool, light-toned color that looks great in bedrooms all year. A linen sheet in fog can be combined with a matching duvet to create a casual, comfortable look. What color comforter can you use with grey sheets? There are many options for comforters, including off-black, blue, and charcoal.

  1. Taupe Sheets

Greyish-brown shades are darker, while lighter taupes are more greyish-beige (aka greyige). This paired-down hue can be paired with simple fawn linen sheets or putty percale sheets. It’s the perfect combination of sophisticated and minimalist. This is also one of the most versatile colors for sheets.

  1. Clay Sheets

Clay, an earth-sourced material, gets its warm reddish color when it is mixed with iron oxide. It creates tiles and stoneware. Clay is a great option if you are looking to buy bedsheets online. This vibrant color is suitable for spring, summer, fall, winter, and winter. A clay-colored single bed sheet is ideal for all-year-round use because they’re naturally breathable, moisturizing, and cozy.

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