What is a MoM (Mail Order Marijuana) Dispensary?

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By Ikram Ullah

Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries (or MoM Dispensary for short) is an alternative option for people to purchase their cannabis, either in the form of marijuana, hemp, or some other variation. They are probably best summarized as online cannabis dispensaries where you can purchase cannabis straight from your home instead of having to walk to your nearest in-person dispensary. These dispensaries are typically found in states that have legalized recreational marijuana, but, like other online stores, they also ship their products nationwide.

As we’ll see in this article, there are several key differences between MoM dispensaries and traditional in-person dispensaries, of which anyone who is considering purchasing cannabis should keep in mind of.


Considering MoM and in-person dispensaries are both used for the purchasing of cannabis, there are some obvious similarities between the two.


Both MoM and in-person dispensaries involve the purchasing of cannabis, thus both are meant to provide cannabis in a variety of forms depending on usage. Whether its medical or recreational use, both types of dispensaries offer different forms of cannabis (such as hemp, phoenix tears or marijuana). Because they both have various forms of cannabis, they allow for experimentation of the different types, along with other cannabis products such as gummies, brownies, or hash.


Despite the fact that MoMs and in-person dispensaries both share the same overall purpose, MoMs have several advantages over conventional dispensaries.


Social anxiety is a condition that can occur in various forms and is experienced by many people around the world. The most common symptom is arguably the fear of interacting with other strangers. If the person has social anxiety, adding the idea of carrying around a bag of marijuana with them will undoubtedly make things worse.

That is where MoMs come in. Since MoMs are strictly online, the person can easily make purchases online and have them delivered to their door without ever leaving their house. Not only will this reduce their fear of having to interact with others, but it will also relief them from being potentially judged by others. Thus, this would be a much better way of ensuring privacy throughout the entire process.


Although MoMs and traditional dispensaries both carry large quantities of cannabis, MoMs can usually carry much more, both in terms of quantity and selection. Check on any MoM website and you’ll find tens if not hundreds of different cannabis varieties and products that differ in CBD content, THC content, and many more. It’s also just as easy to find what you’re looking for by using their very specific filters that can help specify everything down to the most specific form or effect.


MoMs also cost much less than traditional, in-person dispensaries due to their much larger selection. As cannabis products are not exactly known for being the cheapest products on the market, this is a major factor for those that are on a budget.


If convenience or value is something you value, then MoMs are definitely something to check out, especially in our current times. Whether you’re looking for cannabis for medical or recreational use, MoMs are certain to fulfill your needs.

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