Which Is the Best Place to Buy Kratom Online?

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By Ikram Ullah

Today’s cost of healthcare is constantly increasing, turning many people to alternative medicine. Alternative medicine has always been a go-to solution for millions of people worldwide. It typically involves using natural medication for treating a range of ailments. 

People use alternative means of healing for treatment from headaches, colds, and chronic pains to more serious health conditions such as depression and anxiety. If appropriately used, alternative medicine can contribute to your overall well-being. 

Kratom is a well-known dietary supplement that has quickly become an alternative medication for all who need a natural mood enhancer and energy booster. Native to the tropical region of Southeast Asia, kratom comes from a Mitragyna speciosa tree. 

Kratom is packed with alkaloids, nutrients, and minerals that give this plant magical properties that can help to boost one’s health and heal certain conditions. Since it’s so popular among internet users, let’s see the best places to buy kratom online before you look for a sale for kratom on Amazon.

Kats Botanicals

Founded by Justin Kats, Kats Botanicals is one of the best kratom vendors on the internet. With over 5 years of experience in selling kratom products online, Kat Botanicals has been providing kratom users with top-quality products to help them tackle various health conditions. 

Their products aren’t only practical but pure and safe for consumption. Aside from investing in high-end kratom production, the brand is also heavily invested in exploring the therapeutic benefits of kratom

Kats Botanicals produces their kratom products on the territory of the USA. The company’s base is in New Jersey. The first reason why you should consider this particular brand is because their kratom products are 100% organically sourced and all-natural. On top of that, the brand offers a wide range of kratom products, such as powder, extracts, and capsules.


  • SignalSCV ranked Kat Botanicals #1 for the best place to buy kratom online;
  • All products are produced with AKA and cGMP certificates;
  • The brand maintains full transparency regarding its products and provides all the information for consumers;
  • Lab-tested, ethically harvested, 100% natural, USA-made kratom products;
  • 30-day full refund guarantee;
  • Trusted customer reviews.


  • Free shipping for orders above $100;
  • Kratom products are available on the official website only.

Top kratom products available:

  • Maeng Da Kratom;
  • Red Vein Kratom;
  • Green Vein Kratom;
  • White Vein Kratom;
  • Yellow Kratom;
  • Bali Kratom.

You can find 28 types of kratom products at Kats Botanicals as well as tap into countless valuable guides on how to use kratom, how to grow it, interesting facts, etc.

Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom comes from Portland, Oregon, and is a family business that deals with herbal products and dietary supplements. The brand has been in the kratom business since 2014, and many users consider it the leader in the kratom market. 

The brand is fully dedicated to selling all-natural kratom products of outstanding quality. Because of that, the company adheres to top-class industry standards and procedures regarding procuring and producing kratom. 

This kratom brand stands out from the rest because of its 100% transparency regarding quality assurance and comprehensive laboratory testing. In addition, Kraken Kratom was one of the first brands to be acknowledged as a GMP-certified and licensed kratom vendor by the American Kratom Association. 

Thanks to these staggering qualities, the brand is accompanied by a large community. Kraken Kratom is heavily invested in consumer education and awareness of the potential benefits and side effects of kratom in its efforts to protect consumers. All their products are AKA approved and tested to meet US Pharmacopeia standards (300 CT subsample set).


  • GMP and AKA compliance;
  • Customer education and tutorials on kratom routines;
  • 16 versions of kratom products of the finest quality;
  • Approved by the American Herbal Products Association;
  • Free same-day shipping for all orders;
  • Two-day free USPS priority delivery for orders above $199;
  • Vegan-friendly capsules;
  • Rewards programs for loyal customers;
  • 30-day return policy.


  • The return policy applies to sealed and unopened products only;
  • There are certain shipping restrictions.

Top kratom products available:

  • Bali Kratom;
  • Maeng Da;
  • Maeng Da Kratom Leaf (White Vein);
  • Gold Reserve Kratom Extract;
  • Kraken Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract;
  • White Vein Borneo Kratom Capsules.

If you’re looking for a wide range of high-grade kratom products, Kraken Kratom should be your first option.

Golden Monk

Golden Monk is a well-known kratom vendor trusted by many loyal consumers. Golden Monk is a brand that holds customer satisfaction and relationship high on the list of priorities. Aside from top-quality products and affordable prices, user-friendly policies and customer-centric service ensured this brand’s leading position in the kratom industry.

The brand is GMP certified by the American Kratom Association, and its products are manufactured by the latest industry standards regarding quality and consumer safety. What makes this brand stand out is the level of quality and affordability of products. 


  • Same-day delivery for orders placed before 10:00 AM PST;
  • GMP-certified;
  • Free USPS priority shipping for orders above $49.99;
  • Discretion is guaranteed;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • Top customer service;
  • Bulk orders are available.


  • Capsules aren’t vegan-friendly.

Top kratom products available:

  • Green Maeng Da;
  • White Bali;
  • Red Bali;
  • White Maeng Da;
  • Green Borneo;
  • Super Green Malay;
  • Red Borneo;
  • Red Indo;
  • White Borneo;
  • Red Maeng Da;
  • Red Thai.


While there are countless kratom brands on the web, not all of them are as customer-centric as the three brands we mentioned here. 

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