Your Ultimate In-house design guide

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By Ikram Ullah

If you are thinking of moving to a new home, then the complete process from the first packing day to the last finishing day would be both exciting and tiring. If you are moving alone or with your family members, settling in the new environment and matching your vibe with its would take a good time. 

A perfect house is everyone’s dream. People save for years to build a house of their dreams and certainly the decor and the stuff you get in your house needs to compliment your journey and your desires.

Moving in would require a good amount of planning and shopping. Every room in your new house would be meant for some particular activity and the stuff that it contains should go with what the room is about. This article is brought to you for easing up your stress about the right stuff you need to buy and the best in-house set up that will make your house, your home.

Let’s start!

Go For Reflecting Materials

If you are someone who appreciates a lot of natural light in your room or your entire new house, then make sure to install as many reflecting surfaces as possible.

This may include installing mirrors wherever possible, using glossy tiles for your kitchen, and high-shine materials. This will give a natural light lift to your living space and would carry away the depressing dark vibe.

Pocket Doors

If you need both, extra space and privacy, then pocket doors would work best for you. These create space along with separation. They also can be pushed into the wall, when the separation is not needed. 

What would work better would be to have glass installed in the upper portion of these doors as this would help in circulating natural light across the whole room.

Go Resourceful 

Well, moving to a new house or planning a brand new setup for your old house does not mean you need to be conventional while buying stuff. 

You can avoid big and bulky things and still make your house look good. 

For example, instead of buying bulky couches for your living space, you can try visiting PVC chair manufacturers and buy a couple of them.


If you are moving to a new house then do not roll your eyes from this one. While grabbing stuff from your old house make sure to declutter it and reduce the baggage. 

Do not move stuff you no longer need. Make decisions now and your move to your new house will be easier. It is well known that to start is the hardest portion of decluttering. 

Start with one room, or maybe one part of one room. The paper you have, recycle it or shred it. The books you have carry them if you want to read them otherwise donate them. Stacking things helps in making them look less cluttered. So stack!

Rearrange Your Furniture

Arrange your furniture in a way that best suits you and your family. Prevent having furniture streaked up along the walls. Just push the couch away from the wall and pull the chairs closer. 

This will create a conversation area. You can also remove some unwanted furniture because that way it becomes easy for people or your family members to walk around the house.

Bring In More Light With LEDs

Lights are a frequently underestimated fraction of our residences and companies. Besides having an enormous effect on the house’s aesthetics, it also has a deep impact on your mood, feelings, and wellbeing. 

There is a bunch of scientific studies on the impacts of lighting on your interior design. Rather than refurbishing your house completely all you would have needed is just a slight tweaking of your house’s lighting scheme. 

Buy the right-sized LED lights from your LED outdoor lighting manufacturers and see the changing glow not just inside your house but outside it as well.

Look Out Of The Box

Well, furniture, lighting, and related stuff are important but what makes your house grab a particular vibe is the creativity you put in it. 

Just some amazing and simple DIYs and you will have some of the best home decors that will give your house’s set-up a completely new feel. 

Think out of the box and use such items for decorating that no one thought about. For example, you can use your old wooden perfume boxes as your candle containers. This will help you save money without compromising on quality.

Textured Wall Finishes

For your house’s new setup, give your walls a changed feel. Now more and more people are interested in ‘real’ materials. Be it walls or surfaces that are textured rather than covered with plaster, skim and paint.

For example, Birch-faced plywood is a popular choice for walls because it is dense, powerful, and adds warmth to the space. Look around for the variety of textured walls you could get and then decide for yourself.

Bedrooms with Balconies

What has come as a popular trend for new setups in houses is to have a bedroom-based balcony. It feels so soothing to have a view of the outdoors from your bedrooms. Whether you are on the first floor or any other floor, building a balcony in your bedroom would lend your room a very natural vibe which you will fall in love with.


These are some of the best ways to look up your in-house setup if you are thinking of moving to a new apartment or renovating the old one. It all depends upon what vibe you want the place to retain and render. 

The themes, the stuff, the paints are all a part of the vibe. Make sure that you know what makes you happy and then go for the right stuff. Plan well and do not spend in an exaggerated manner. 

You can very well have a modern, good-looking and well-furnished house by staying within the budget. 

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