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By Ikram Ullah

What is a PDF file? 

We know of many formats that we use in daily life. Word is one of the most popular formats. Another important and popular format is PDF which means Portable document format. What is PDF used for? Well, it preserves the layout, formatting, fonts, and images. Content on a pdf cannot easily be changed

Why is pdf used? 

PDF format is normally used in office settings. When an important document needs to share the word document is converted to pdf and shared with the other party. The reason is that the document will look the same regardless of what operating system is at the receiver’s end. Usually, in word format, the document tends to change shape and settings according to the operating system, and its setting at the receiver’s end. If need be, you can always convert pdf to word.

PDF is not primarily used for editing. The document will hold its shape on the tablet, phone, or any operating system, which is why it is ideal for documents you do not want to be altered. Also, you do not need an adobe program to view a pdf file. No internet browsers have an inbuilt version to view the pdf document.

So you will be able to open PDF to word converter by Duplichecker from your browser, whenever need to convert pdf to word, pdf to doc, pdf to docx, pdf2word.

In case this does not happen, and your browser does not support PDF files, you will need software known as adobe acrobat reader. The Adobe Acrobat reader is free & available to download. Chances are if you have been using the computer for a file you are already familiar with adobe and downloaded it on your computer. If not, then you find multiple downloads for PDF on google easily.

PDF Forms:

If you open PDF forms, you may be able to edit a few fields. Certain sections are allowed to be filled by the receiver. In case adobe acrobat allows editing, it is usually in the form of the form field.

Creating PDF: 

A PDF version is inbuilt in windows 10. If you are using an OS that supports conversion to PDF when saving a file, it gives you an option of the format you want to save the file. This is when you can select PDF and change the format of your file from Word to PDF.

If you go to the File tab and click export within Microsoft office, you can change your file’s format to PDF. The question arises why cannot we just use Microsoft word to convert the file. If we send our resume to someone, and we have created our resume through Microsoft PDF, the receiver may not have Microsoft, and our file would not open.

You can create a PDF on MAC too. Within the print dialogue, you can change it into a PDF file and save it from being sent out to preserve the content of the file.

How to convert pdf to word:

We have discussed how a word file can be changed into pdf. But what if we want to convert pdf to doc, pdf to docx, pdf2word? Can this be one as easily as creating a PDF?

The answer is yes. A website duplichecker provides you with the option to convert pdf to word in real-time. This allows you to change the file in a format you want to work in. Later you can always save it again as a PDF to ensure unchangeable data when sending out.

Let us see how it is done. Assume you have a file called name.pdf you open it, on the other hand, you open your Microsoft. Now drag your PDF file to your Microsoft word to convert pdf to word. There will appear a dialogue saying the word will now convert your pdf in an editable word document, and it may take a while.

Free software:

In case your Microsoft does not support convert pdf to word do not be alarmed. There are plenty of other options available for the user to get the deed done. Here is some website you can use to convert pdf to word.

  • Duplichecker
  • Adobe
  • Freepdfconvert
  • Pdf-to-word-free en.Softonic
  • Techradar
  • Anysoftwaretools

How do these work? You simply go to the selected website of your choice. You will find various tabs there mentioning conversions to different formats. Choose the one that says convert pdf to word. Once you have selected that tab, click it open. You will see a dropbox that will mention dragging the pdf file from that cloud storage there. You can drag your pdf file to dropbox and leave. The software will take a minute, and your file will be ready to download.

The other way is that instead of dragging your file to dropbox, use the file button next to the dropbox and upload your pdf file. The software will take a few moments to convert the pdf to word. You can then save/download the word format file on your device. Ilovepdf is a easy tool for document conversion for free. Tool didn’t loss any kind of data it remains the same.

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