How To Start The E-commerce Store

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By Ikram Ullah

What Is E-commerce?

E-commerce is a digital way of selling goods by using the internet. It has become the need of the day and gaining popularity day-by-day. It is thought that E-commerce is taking place in the international market more fastly than the traditional market.

It allows you to sell your products not even the buyers situated near to you but you can sell them to anyone sitting anywhere in the world. It has created a lot of job and business opportunities and it is also time-saving. In the present age, you do not need to go to a store or market to buy things but you can now order them sitting in your home.

What Is An E-Commerce Store?

To sell your product to a large number, you need to use an E-commerce store. Websites or platforms that sell sellers’ products are called E-commerce store. There are many E-commerce stores on the internet and the most famous of them is Amazone. You can also make your own store to sell your product as well.

E-commerce Has More Than Three Types of Business. It Is B2B, B2C, C2C, And C2B.


B2B means selling things business to another business. You can say it is like a wholesale market where the wholesaler selling their products to the small business. Alibaba is the best example of the B2B model.


B2C means selling products from business to direct consumers. In this model, small or large businesses sell their products direct to consumers. Amazon and Walmart are the best examples of the B2C model.


C2C stands for the consumer to consumer model. In this model, consumers or customers buy products and then resell them in the online market. Facebook groups, Whatsapp business, eBay are the best examples of the C2C model.

How To Learn To Make Your Own E-commerce Store?

If you have the capital and want to sell your products online, you can also make your own E-commerce store. It is not a tough task at all. You need to learn the basics of making an E-commerce store.

There are many platforms and websites that are offering online courses to learn how to make an E-commerce store. All of them are not free and you have to pay a little subscription fee to enroll in the course.

Udemy has offered the best courses to learn how to make an E-commerce store. If you want to avail this valuable course for free, has a surprise for you. On this website, almost all the Udemy courses are available for free. You can learn how to make an E-commerce store for free.


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