How To Get Rid Of Flies Outdoors And Inside

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By Ikram Ullah

How To Get Rid Of Flies

‚ÄčThere are several compelling reasons for learning how to get rid of flies. There are over one hundred thousand species of flies on this planet and none of them are welcomed as house guests. They aren’t welcome to camp out in our back yards, either. Indoors or outside, don’t allow them to squat on your property. If allowed to stay, they’ll quickly take over and make your life miserable. Or even worse, they’ll make you sick.House flies, the most common type, can be controlled outdoors in a few simple, natural steps. Refrain from using toxic sprays and powdered chemicals that carry the risk of serious health consequences for you, your kids and your pets. They can contaminate your food and compromise the quality of your ground and well water.Your first line of defense is to keep your yard tidy. Flies will travel up to twenty miles for a gourmet meal. In the flies world, providing a dirty barbecue grill, some stagnant water and a yard full of doggie do is like keeping the light on at Motel 6. Keep everything in your vicinity clean and they’ll have no interest in visiting you.Use baggies to dispose of the dog feces. Keep the lids tightly closed on your clean trash cans at all times. Get rid of all debris that collects rain water. Change the water in the birdbaths frequently; the birds will appreciate it, too! Keep your grass mowed, shrubs trimmed and clippings removed.Your compost bin shouldn’t be a fly buffet. Don’t let the pile become soggy. It should be located a good distance from your residence. Proper maintenance of the compost includes ‘cooking’ it; when it radiates enough heat from the decaying process, it will be much too warm to be an attractive birthing spot for the larvae.Incorporate some fly-deterring plants into your landscape design. Lavender, basil and mint will delight your senses while the aroma keeps flies at bay. Add some of these potted plants near the doors of your home. Elderberry is also a great fly repellent but it’s highly alluring to deer. How strong is the attraction? Don’t use this plant unless your property is adequately fenced off. It’s that strong!Controlling the outdoor fly population automatically lessens the indoor population. Install and maintain tightly-fitting screen doors and windows. Keep in mind that flies are ten million times more sensitive to the taste of sugar. Keep all surfaces clean. Keep the indoor trash tightly sealed and empty it into the outdoor receptacles frequently.Please don’t hang glue strips. They’re extremely tacky, in more than one way. If you don’t want thriving flies having a picnic in your kitchen, why would you put dead ones on display? It isn’t like hanging a trophy head over the mantle. There are no bragging rights included. Instead, it’s like making an announcement that you’re involved in a losing battle and you don’t know what else to do.Flies carry germs that can cause over one hundred diseases. They liquefy solid food by spitting and regurgitating all over it, so it can be sucked up. Yes, they also have a place in the universal scheme of things. They are the best pollinators, aside from bees and wasps. That doesn’t mean they belong near you, your food and your living spaces. Now that you know how to get rid of flies, you can plan to invite some real house guests for a pest-free visit. 

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