Primo Contracting: Crafting Luxury Homes in Toronto

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By Ikram Ullah

Primo Contracting is a top choice for custom homes in Toronto. They are known for their trust and innovation. With over 20 years of experience, they build luxury homes and do renovations. They focus on quality and meeting your needs. Their team is skilled and works closely with you from start to finish. They make sure your home is built on time, within budget, and to your liking. Choosing Primo means getting a home that reflects who you are, with the assurance of quality and care.

Why Choose Primo Contracting?

  1. You Get an Expert Team: They have a team that knows how to build beautiful, quality homes. They work with you closely to make sure you’re happy.
  2. No Surprise Costs: They tell you the price upfront. This means you know exactly what you’ll pay, making it easier to plan your budget.
  3. Quality Materials: They use the best materials to make sure your home not only looks good but also lasts a long time.
  4. Lots of Experience: With 20 years in the business, they’ve built many homes and know how to handle any challenges that come up.

Choosing means you’re getting a team that cares about building your dream home just the way you want it, with clear pricing and high-quality results

Services Offered by Primo Contracting

Primo Contracting offers a variety of services tailored to meet your specific construction and renovation needs:

Custom Homes

  • Luxury Builds: Specializing in high-end, luxury custom homes that cater to your unique tastes and lifestyle.
  • Personalized Design: Each home is custom-designed to reflect your personal style and preferences, ensuring a one-of-a-kind living space.

Renovation & Remodeling

  • Enhancements: Transform your existing space with professional renovations that increase both the value and functionality of your home.
  • Comprehensive Approach: From initial planning and securing permits to selecting materials, they provide a full-service renovation experience.

Home Additions

  • Space Expansion: Ideal for those needing more room without the hassle of moving, offering solutions that blend seamlessly with your current home.
  • Integrated Design: Additions are carefully designed to match and enhance your existing home structure.

Design Build

  • Streamlined Process: This service simplifies your project by combining design and construction phases under one roof, led by a single team.
  • Efficiency and Savings: The integrated design-build approach can lead to significant savings in both time and costs.

Kitchen Renovation

  • Central Hub Focus: Recognizing the kitchen as the heart of the home, they offer custom renovations to create a functional and welcoming space.
  • Tailored to Needs: Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or love hosting gatherings, they design kitchens that cater to your specific requirements.

Commercial Construction

  • Professional Standards: They adhere to the highest standards to meet the specific needs of commercial clients; ensuring projects are completed to full satisfaction.
  • ROI Driven: With a focus on maximizing your investment, Primo employs efficient and effective construction practices for commercial projects.

Featured Projects

Primo Contracting has built some amazing homes. Here’s why you might like to read about them:

Lawrence Park Home

  • Big and Fancy: This home is huge and full of special details. It has fancy wall designs and rare marble floors. It shows Primo’s care for fine details.

Hoggs Hollow Home

  • Modern and Cozy: This home looks new and inviting. It has wooden parts outside and big windows that let in lots of light. It’s a good example of Primo’s modern style.

Leaside Home

  • Mix of Old and New: This home blends traditional and new styles. It has classic wood floors and modern looks. It shows how Primo can mix different styles well.

Oakville Home

  • Nature Feel: This home uses a lot of natural stuff like stone and wood. It feels warm and welcoming. It shows Primo’s skill in using natural materials to make homes look special.

Reading about these homes can give you ideas and show you what Primo can do. They’re good at making homes that are both beautiful and comfortable.


Primo Contracting is all about making top-quality homes. They are clear about costs and make sure you’re happy. They listen to what you want and use the best stuff to build your dream home. If you’re thinking about a new home, Primo is ready to help. Get in touch with them to start making your dream home come true. They’re excited to work with you and make a home that’s just right for you.

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