All Eyes on You: Qualities of an Amazing Business Website

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By Ikram Ullah

As a home of the iconic Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House that possesses impeccable design aesthetics, Aussies have developed an exceptional taste, so it is natural for them to seek the best looking websites. As a business owner in Sydney, you understand that you have a specialised niche with your own target market. One way to attract your audience and keep them loyal is to focus on your official website’s design. Your site must offer superb quality and unbeatable value if you want to generate traffic.

​With over five million people in Sydney to become a potential client, it will help if you hire a professional to revamp your site to help your business stand out from your competition. Before hiring a firm specialising in web design in Sydney, you must understand the values of a good web page. This way, you can give instructions to your designer and site developer. Doing this will boost your online traffic, increase your leads, and promote client conversion for better revenue. Consider the following tips below so you can ensure your web page will draw in the right crowd:

Come Up with an Easy to Remember Web Address

Most people promote your business by word of mouth. Thus, you must pick a website domain that’s easy to recall. Veer away from those that have numbers, those with kitschy spelling, or those that are hard to pronounce. They may sound good in theory because you end up unique, but it could be counterproductive.

When clients cannot spell your web address correctly, they end up on the wrong site or an error page. It becomes annoying and can completely turn off your prospective clients. Brevity is the key to a successful web address that everyone will remember. Keep in mind that at the core of good and effective web design is your web address. If this fails, everything you worked hard for will remain invisible to your clients. 

Develop an Amazing Landing Page

Work with the right agency specialising in web design in Sydney to ensure you have a solid landing page that showcases your company’s personality with just one glance. This page is critical because it can draw your clients in to explore your site, or it may turn them off because it looks so dull. Everything that you offer must be displayed clearly to avoid any misrepresentation or misunderstanding. Landing pages that are exciting attract people like honey. It will boost your visibility and encourage client engagement.

Focus on Easy Navigation

A pretty website with awesome content will remain useless if your clients find it challenging to navigate your site. If you want to keep them hanging around, you must focus on having a good, responsive layout. It means your content is readily accessible. Your site should also provide good menus, tags, headlines, and subheadings. There should be a right balance of text and features for easy reading. Don’t forget to place a search box in a prominent area so your clients can readily find what they need.

In the same token, call to action along with a client registration page must also be easily accessible. It will allow you to grab your clients’ information so you can get in touch with them via newsletters and direct marketing emails. On top of those, you must add several calls to action and a registration page so that you can capture all of your clients’ personal details with ease. Put these in several parts of your site, placing them in prominent areas for maximum visibility.

Partner Up with a Reputable Web Hosting Service

These days, modern citizens of the world have short attention spans. No matter how pretty your web page is, if it takes forever to load, you can count on your clients to leave. Why should they hang around in your site that keeps on buffering when they can go to your competitor with faster page load speed?

By partnering up with a web design firm, they hook you up with reputable hosting. Some firms work on your site to ensure your pictures and videos are programmed for easy loading. Most of all, your hosting can filter out malware. When clients are confident that they won’t get any viruses in your site, you can expect them to keep on coming back. By paying a premium for these services, you can expect your website traffic to improve because your site is optimised to handle the demands of your audience.

Final Word

Now that there are billions of websites around the globe, your goal must be to stand out from your fiercest competitors. If you live in the Land Down Under, using the right web design partner in Sydney will ensure that your company is not merely surviving but thriving amid the competition.

Author Bio: Rachel Alcott is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.

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