What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Roof Rack Basket On Your Ute?

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By Ikram Ullah

Anyone with a roof rack on their vehicle knows how convenient they are. However, they may not always have sufficient space for your luggage. Here’s where a roof rack basket comes in. Roof rack baskets come in an array of exciting designs. Plus, they’re easy to install and take up little space on your vehicle roof- think of them as an extension of your roof frame.

They give you larger storage space for your items. They’re sturdy and can be used with various objects- from suitcases to grocery bags. They’re perfect for those with different items that they want to carry but do not have the appropriate space on their roofs or inside their cars. Why else should you fix a roof rack basket on your ute? Keep reading for more.

About Roof Racks

A roof rack is an external set of bars that extends on either side of your car. You can attach them without any tools. However, the vehicle must have crossbars first- stronger than just connecting some baskets directly on top.

Here are some basic safety pointers to follow as you use a roof rack:

  • Don’t carry more weight than what the roof rack should handle.
  • Be sure that there’s no luggage touching the side of your vehicle- including open windows. This can easily become a projectile if you need to make an emergency stop, so ensure the items are safely tucked away.

More on Roof Frame Baskets

Roof rack baskets come in different shapes and sizes. They are made with durable materials that can hold up your items even on challenging road conditions- giving them maximum protection against damage or dirt.

How To Choose A Roof Rack Basket?

Choosing the best roof rack basket for your ute is all about getting one that has enough space to suit your cargo. These are several things to consider when choosing one:

  • Make sure that it can comfortably fit into your roof rack.
  • Low-profile roof racks may not be ideal for the larger roof rack baskets. Be sure that your ute can comfortably accommodate it. Please consult with a professional if you aren’t familiar with fixing things on your roof.
  • These are categorized according to their load capacity, so expect them to be heavy when they’re full. If you want something lightweight, consider choosing a basket with a lower capacity.
  • You can purchase roof rack baskets with crossbars, but not all utes need them. Crossbars are essential when your basket is large and may block parts of your view if there aren’t any.

How to Fix a Roof Rack Basket

Installing it is pretty straightforward. Here’s how you do it:

Firstly, you should ensure that your ute has several crossbars already in place on the roof. Otherwise, these won’t suit your ute.

Secondly, you should measure the distance from one crossbar to another so that your basket has enough space for it to fit in comfortably. Remember- a roof rack basket should not be too small, but it shouldn’t block any part of the view outside as well.

Once you have measured the crossbars, go ahead and insert your roof rack basket into position. Ensure that it is securely locked in place- do not use force if you feel it isn’t compatible with your ute.

Tip: As an alternative to fixing a single basket on the roof frame, you may also attach two of them and attach these to the frame.

Types of Roof Rack Vessels

Now that you’re aware of how you should fix one, here are some types to choose from:

  • Cargo Boxes- These are mainly used for moving cargo around on your ute.
  • Flat Baskets- These are flat containers usually used on smaller utes.
  • Bars- the type of roof rack bars you choose will depend on your preference for style and design. One type has crossbars running along the top of the basket, while another has an aluminum mesh that you can cover up with a tarp for protection from weather or cargo spills.

Additional Advantages of Installing a Roof Frame Basket On Your Ute

Here are some other impressive benefits of a roof rack basket:

  • You can use it to store equipment like fishing gear, camping gear, and other delicate materials that may get damaged if they get wet.
  • You can get one with an extendable roof which you can use on top of your car- giving you extra protection from the sun.
  • You can use a cargo box to store your luggage, camping gear, and other items you need during long road trips.
  • It can increase visibility and safety during nighttime driving- keeping your cargo well-lit, so other motorists are aware of it.
  • It can also increase visibility during the day, especially if you have to transport bulky things or require you to stack them high. A roof rack basket will allow you to arrange these items without blocking too much of your view.


Roof rack baskets are a necessity for comfortable traveling. Don’t think of it as an extra expense. Now that you know what to consider when getting one, it’s time to choose the best type for your ute. Please take your time before settling for a specific one. Try one today if you aren’t using one already and experience travels to an exciting new degree

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